Can I remove protesters from my land?

If your land is being used as a location for protests without your consent, then you need to take the correct steps to remove them so that you can recover your land successfully and legally. Upon discovery of protesters on your land, the first step you should take is to ask them to leave. Should […]

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What can I do about statute barred debt?

Statute barred debt is money owed that has been ignored by both parties involved, for several years. This debt is typically not enforceable by law because neither debtor nor creditor have made acknowledgement to the debt. This may not have to be paid when a debtor acts under the Limitations Act 1980. (more…)

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Recovering outstanding business debts

To successfully recover outstanding monies owed from a business, there are certain procedures you need to adhere to, and the correct documentation is required. Enlisting the assistance of an enforcement agency will ensure you take the best route to recovering business debt, in an efficient and timely manner. (more…)

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What are the differences between using an IPO, a Court Order, and Common Law to evict squatters?

If you are currently dealing with squatters occupying your commercial premises, then it is likely that you want to evict them quickly and legally so that you can regain possession of your premises. Familiarising yourself with the different procedures that can be used to get squatters to leave your property means that you can use […]

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