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How Much Does it Cost for a Process Server?

When it comes to how much it costs to hire a process server, there are a few things to consider. A process server delivers significant documents to a person who has been summoned to court. Or it is the start of a legal process. Process servers don’t merely deliver paper documents, as many people believe. It is […]

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What is a Process Server?

Process servers deliver significant legal documentation to the right person at the right time, whether this be an individual, a company, or organisation. They’re particularly helpful for cases in which the recipient can’t be tracked down, or if the recipient poses a threat to the papers’ sender.

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partner serving divorce papers in the UK

How Are Divorce Papers Served in the UK?

Divorce is seldom easy, although the process of filing for divorce can be relatively simple in the UK. Frequently, it is at the point of serving the divorce papers that a couple’s situation can develop complications. So, how are divorce papers served in the UK? Reasons for separation can be complex. If communications with a […]

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How Does a Process Server Locate Someone?

Process serving is used to get legal documents in the hands of a specific person.  But it is about more than just dropping them off through their mailbox.  Some strict guidelines and requirements need to be followed and that’s why a process server is used. But how does a process server locate someone?  And what happens if there […]

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Consequences of An Incorrect Service of Process

Putting your money into bricks and mortar and developing your own property portfolio is the dream for many people. However, becoming a landlord is not always plain sailing. Some landlords need to evict tenants, which requires legal steps to be followed meticulously. One of the most important steps which needs to be completed is service […]

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How to serve a Court Order

Serving Court Orders in the UK is a complex process. There are several ways in which a Court Order may be served. Some can be mailed to a given address, however others must be delivered in person. Making sure that the correct process for each Court Order is followed will ensure that there are no […]

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