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What happens if court papers are served late?

No matter what kind of litigation process you need to complete, serving court papers at the right time and without delay is essential. Whether you are taking someone to court to recover a debt or are obtaining an eviction court order against one of your tenants or even against squatters, it is crucial for court […]

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What is the compliance stage?

If you need to recover a sum of money that is owed to you and you’re positive that the debtor doesn’t have the funds to cover it, your other option is to seize some or all of their goods to cover their debt. You can do so with a writ of control, which is a […]

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What is involved in process serving?

Process serving is one of the most common requests individuals have when it comes to dealing with court orders and legal documents in the UK. Simply put, this process is the legal way to serve your documents quickly and in complete accordance with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). In order for documents to be served according […]

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Merits of outsourcing legal papers

When it comes to serving legal papers, the time limit is a crucial factor. It is not uncommon for an entire legal case to hinge on whether papers were served within the stipulated timeframe or not, as well as adhere to the correct legal procedures. It is these challenges that have made it prudent for […]

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Do I need an Affidavit?

The term affidavit has the unusual distinction of being a legal term many people have probably heard before. In Latin affidavit basically means “to swear an oath” which is exactly what an affidavit is. An affidavit is a sworn document that can be used as evidence in court, often when the person is not able […]

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What happens after you serve papers?

We regularly serve legal papers regarding a number of different issues to individuals, companies and other organisations. We refer to this as “process serving” – following a set legal process to ensure that important legal papers are delivered in the correct way and being able to prove that this has happened. Our trained team at […]

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Should I serve papers myself?

When serving papers, it is vital that they are served in the right way to avoid lengthening court procedures and compromising your legal case. Regardless of the type of legal papers you need to serve, whether injunctions or eviction notices, you must serve them properly to avoid causing further complications for yourself. (more…)

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