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When does CCJ expire?

Getting a County Court judgement (CCJ) will have a huge effect on a debtor’s credit rating and it will make it much more difficult for them to obtain credit in the future. However, a CCJ does not last forever, as it expires after six years.   Paying the CCJ straight away When a debtor has […]

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Benefits of transferring a CCJ up to the High Court

Transferring up a County Court Judgement or CCJ to the High Court has several benefits for those who want to increase their chances to collect the full amount they are owned. This is a more effective method to collect when compared directly with enforcement by County Court Enforcement Officers, and moreover, a more cost-efficient one, […]

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How much does it cost to make a court claim?

Having to make a claim in the courts can be a costly procedure, however, it can often be the best solution when you need to recover debts, carry out an eviction, or remove trespassers from your land. Before you begin court proceedings, it is worth familiarising yourself with how much court claims cost, and if […]

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What is a High Court Writ of Control?

Formerly known as a ‘writ of fieri facias’, or ‘writ of fi fa’, a High Court Writ of Control can be used to recover outstanding debts. Using a High Court Writ of Control can mean that you recover monies owed quicker than alternative methods, including a Warrant of Execution granted by the County Courts. (more…)

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When should the transfer up procedure be used?

If you have already completed the processes required to obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ), you will either then need to have the judgement enforced by using a warrant of execution or by transferring it up to the High Court and obtaining a High Court writ. Though a certificated enforcement agency can advise on the […]

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