Repossession Services

Whether it’s for non-payment of rent or to satisfy an outstanding debt, we have an excellent track record for repossession services.

We are based in Bristol but operate throughout England and Wales with a 98% success rate of recovering monies owed. We typically do this through car repossessions or asset recovery.

Quick and legal service

Using Able Enforcements to repossess goods to recover debts means that you will quickly and legally seize goods to cover the costs of debts owed. Our Certificated Enforcement Officers will know the best legal route to take according to your current circumstance to recover the monies, utilising our years of experience as an industry leader.

Our extensive knowledge of relevant legislation can help you mitigate losses from bad debts quickly and efficiently. We even offer a same day emergency service for when tomorrow just isn’t quick enough. We successfully close 98% of the cases we are passed and we always operate within the laws that govern our industry.

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Trained Repossession experts

All of our Enforcement Officers are certificated and hold up-to-date legal knowledge surrounding repossessions and Enforcement Law.

Our services include vehicle repossession, asset recovery and repossession which means we can help a wide range of businesses recover debts. If you have a current requirement in need of our services, or if you feel let down by your current Repossession agent, we can help you.

Why enlist the assistance of Able Enforcements for repossession services?

  • 98% success rate
  • Same day emergency service should it be required
  • Vehicle search and recovery service
  • Vehicle repossession
  • Asset repossession
  • Network of Certificated Enforcement Officers operating throughout England and Wales
  • Commercial repossessions
  • Trace debtors within 7 days (if whereabouts currently unknown)

You can contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Asset repossession process

We typically talk through your circumstance to determine the best course of action to recover monies owed. If reasonable steps have already been made to recover monies owed with no success, you will likely need to make a court claim for the money.

If a county court judgement, or CCJ, is unsuccessful at encouraging your debtor to pay the monies owed (under £5,000), you can apply for a Warrant of Control. This allows our Certificated Enforcement Officers to attend the business or residential property, to remove goods or vehicles.
Debts in excess of £5,000 will need to be transferred to the high court for a Writ of Control. In this case, our High Court Enforcement Officers can visit the premises to retrieve goods or cars, to offset the debt, often entering into a controlled goods agreement with the debtor.

High success rate

We always act promptly and within the law to ensure both parties are treated fairly. Repossessing goods is always considered a last resort to recover rent or monies. We do, however, offer a high success rate if you choose to repossess vehicles or assets.

How repossession service work

Before instructing Able Investigations to get help with repossessions, you can take the following steps to ensure that debt can be successfully recovered through repossessions of goods.

Establishing how much is owed and documenting contact

Establishing the sum of money owed by the debtor, and the dates when the amounts should have been paid provides some of the information that court procedures require. Collating documentation of contact between you and the debtor, including phone calls, emails, and letters regarding the debt will show that reasonable effort has been made to recover arrears.

Begin legal proceedings

Once the sum of money owed has been established, you will need to take action and make a court claim for money. This can either be done online using the Money Claim Form or by filling out and posting a claim form. If payment is not agreed outside of the court, then the court can order the debtor to pay, and if payment is not made, then the court can enforce the judgement. Once the court enforces the judgement, you can begin proceedings to recover the debt using our enforcement services o and a ‘warrant of control’ providing the sum owed is £5,000 or less.

Consulting with us

As certificated enforcement officers, Able Investigations will follow procedures that mean that the debt is recovered in compliance with the law.

Instructing Able Investigations

Upon instruction, we can act quickly begin repossession procedures by making a request for payment within 7 days. If the debt has not been paid within that time period, then one of our officers will visit the debtor’s business or home to seize goods to be sold to pay the debt.

If you require assistance in recovering monies owed and repossessing goods then Able Investigations can help. We can assist you with repossessions in Bristol and throughout England and Wales, so if you have a current requirement, please get in touch. Talk directly to one of our team by calling 0845 370 7401, or alternatively, you can drop us an email or fill in our contact form. 

We have various testimonials from content clients;

Able Investigations have proven to be highly professional, diligent and have always helped us out in a prompt and timely manner. Despite being aware that they act for a considerable number of businesses, Steve Wood and his team provide a service which gives the impression that I am their only client. The attitude from them is that nothing is too much trouble and I can genuinely say that they add value to my client.

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