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What Is the Role of Enforcement Services?

Have you ever found yourself locked in a heated dispute with one of your tenants? Unfortunately, problem tenants can be the worst nightmare for landlords.  Some of the problems you are likely to have with unruly tenants revolve around cleanliness, rent arrears, breakages, pets, subletting, property damage, etc. And when push comes to shove, you […]

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What are the duties of an Enforcement Officer?

Enforcement officers work for local authorities, civil enforcement agencies and county courts. They have a key role to play in collecting outstanding debts, however they are not debt collectors. Sometimes, this will be by removing possessions from the debtor’s address or by repossessing the property. Enforcement officers also conduct evictions when necessary. The property and […]

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What is a controlled goods agreement?

If someone is unable to pay their debts, enforcement officers usually become involved. A Controlled Goods Agreement (sometimes called a CGA or Walking Possession Agreement) is a document which secures the property of the debtor to their debt when immediate payment is required to the Enforcement Agents and the debtor is unable to make that […]

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