What to do if you discover squatters on return to work

If your business shuts down completely during a festive break, quiet season, or for term time holidays, then unfortunately, on the return to work, you always run the risk of discovering squatters.

Dealing with squatters at any time can be a stressful experience, and can be especially stressful if returning to work after a relaxing break.

Stress can be minimised by taking action to remove squatters and trespassers from your premises by instructing an enforcement agency, like Able Investigations, to reclaim your land on your behalf.

How we will remove the Squatters

With a full understanding of common law if your commercial property is currently occupied by squatters then we can help you quickly regain possession of your property. In the majority of cases this can be done within 24 to 48 hours and there is often no need for a court order either. As the property owner you have the legal right to obtain the peaceful repossession of your property.

All we need is to be able to access the property safely without being accosted by the squatters, if this is possible our Enforcement Officer will be able to communicate with the squatters and may even be able to fully legally evict them. Of course this is only possible providing that no more than the reasonable level of force is used.

In the majority of cases we will also request a police presence so we can ensure the maximum safety and keep the peace if needs be. Using common law also known as adverse possession we will serve notice to the squatters/ trespassers and negotiate with them in order to make their removal as peaceful as possible. We will also undertake a comprehensive risk assessment before sending anyone into the property to talk.

The Enforcement Officers at Able Investigations and Enforcement Solutions are excellent communicators and experienced professionals so they will ensure that any squatters/ trespassers are fully aware of the consequences if they refuse to leave your property.

 Our professional squatter removal service has an incredibly long and successful track record so you can trust us to handle any removal with the upmost professionalism. Our team have a wealth of experience in removing squatters from a variety of different commercial properties from across England and Wales.

If you are currently experiencing issues with squatters then you can contact our enforcement team directly on 0345 366 0000 a member of our team will be hand to talk you through your options and offer professional advice. At Able Investigations and Enforcement Solutions we work across England and Wales and also offer professional training to both the Police and other legal professionals in the removal of squatters under Common Law.

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