What is a peaceful possession procedure?

Landlords who discover trespasser or squatters on their premises will want to have them removed quickly and legally to avoid potential damage to their premises. Using a certificated enforcement officer to assist in evicting squatters from your commercial premises means that individuals can be removed from the premises without having to have a court order. […]

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Does CRAR affect residential landlords?

The introduction of CRAR procedures in 2014 has meant that some landlords have to deal with recovering outstanding rent differently. The change in procedure means that landlords can no longer use the landlords’ right of distress against their commercial tenants who have failed to make rental payments. Does it affect residential landlords? Landlords who do […]

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How outsourcing helps make dealing with land repossession easier

Using a certificated enforcement agency to reclaim possession of your land and evict illegal occupants is an efficient and easy way for landowners to successfully deal with land repossession. Those who decide to use an enforcement agency and ‘outsource’ benefit from a quick and professional service. Quick Repossessions Upon discovery of land being illegally occupied, […]

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Do squatter’s rights still exist?

Finding out that squatters are occupying your property is never an ideal situation for landlords or property owners and can even be a distressing experience. One concern for landlords who discover squatters on their premises is whether they have a legal right to be there, and what that means in regards to evicting them. Do […]

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How to evict squatters from a commercial property

Commercial properties left empty are vulnerable to becoming occupied by squatters. The discovery of squatters in a commercial property is not an ideal situation for any landlord, and those who have found squatters in their premises will likely want to have them removed quickly. Landlords should be aware that there are procedures regarding the eviction […]

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