Debtor Tracing, Tracking & Missing Persons

Our Investigations Service is second to none in the location of missing persons. We have a dedicated team of investigators with unrivalled experience in tracking and tracing not only debtors but missing people both in the UK and throughout the world. If you need to recover a debt and need help locating the debtor then our debtor tracing and recovery services can help you find individuals.

Recovering debts can be difficult without an enforcement agency, and this difficulty increases when the debtor is missing. Professional debtor tracing services offer a quick way of locating a debtor across the UK and worldwide, in order to recover monies owed. By choosing Able Investigations for your debtor tracing requirements, you will speed up the process of recovering debt, and open new avenues of locating a missing person.

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Debtor Tracing Service

In most cases and with today’s technology most people can be found – even those who are trying to “not to be found.” They may not appear on the electoral roll, utility databases, aren’t registered as homeowners nor listed as tenants, but our vast experience and compliance with Data Protection mean that we can trace them. At Able Investigations we can:

  • Trace debtors within 7 days

  • 99% of people can be found

  • Fully licensed – CCL and DPL

  • We act across England and Wales and worldwide

  • Thorough understanding of the laws

  • Reporting to use as evidence in Court

Access to professional databases

As a certified enforcement agency, we have a number of databases (that are not available to the general public) at our disposal where we can track not only missing persons but can locate the home address or business address from mobile and/or landline. With the growth of the mobile telephone market many people today are adding themselves to the consented databases with their mobile telephone numbers. At present we have access through consented data to over 25 million mobile phone numbers and 17 million landline numbers. We have compliance with Data Protection, enabling us to utilise a vast amount of resources to locate missing persons.

Experienced Tracing Agents with Understanding of Laws

With a background in law enforcement and working as private investigators, we excel in helping businesses not only get back in touch with errant debtors but also locating beneficiaries to wills, family members who appear to gone off the radar, and in some cases, we have even found missing children for local authorities’ social services department, all of which require careful coordination with the Data Protection Act.

Reporting to use as evidence

Evidence of locating a debtor, needs to be clear and presentable if you hope to use it in Court. At Able Investigations, we provide a coherent report of our findings, with Court laws in mind, so you can present evidence that will hold.

Quick and efficient debtor tracing service

Looking for a debtor yourself can result in an unlimited amount of time that is essentially wasted as you will not have access to the data that an enforcement agency will have. Able Investigations have a team of professional investigators that can trace debtors within 7 days of hiring our services.

We pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled debtor tracing service, pooling all our contacts and experience to find missing persons. If you require a professional enforcement team to help with debtor tracing in Bristol or to locate someone worldwide, call us on 0345 366 0000. You can talk directly to one of our team without having to use an automated attendant. Alternatively, drop us an email or submit the form below and we’ll get in touch at a time that suits you.

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