What are the duties of an Enforcement Officer?

Enforcement officers work for local authorities, civil enforcement agencies and county courts. They have a key role to play in collecting outstanding debts. Sometimes, this will be by removing possessions from the debtor’s address or by repossessing the property. Enforcement officers also conduct evictions when necessary. The property and goods which are seized by enforcement officers from debtors are recovered in order to pay court orders and fines or rent arrears which remain unpaid. With an in-depth knowledge of the law, enforcement agents are fully certificated and can act rapidly for their clients within the scope of the legal framework.

Traveller Evictions

When land is occupied illegally by squatters or travellers, it can be quickly recovered in line with the law by a Certificated Enforcement Officer. Thanks to their in-depth understanding of Common Law, enforcement officers are fully trained in removing trespassers and can do so quickly and without compromising the reputation of the client. When acting under Common Law, there is no need for any private landowner to go through the courts, allowing evictions to be carried out as quickly as possible and with minimal fuss.

Recovering Debts

When a County Court Judgement has been passed to recover debts, if the value of the debt is over £600 it is possible to transfer up to the High Court in order to obtain a Writ of Control, a Writ of Delivery or a Writ of Possession. A certificated High Court Enforcement Officer is then able to attend the debtor’s property in order to seize control of goods to sell at auction to cover the debt, to recover a specified item or to recover property or land under the terms of the Writ. Enforcement officers can also help to locate debtors and find their address in order to collect on outstanding monies.

Serving Legal Papers

When a client requires legal papers to be served, they can employ the services of an enforcement officer to carry out the task on their behalf. By complying with the law, enforcement officers can act as process servers to serve all types of court order and legal documentation including divorce petitions, winding-up petitions and tenant and landlord lease break notices.

Choosing Able Investigations

Able Investigations are an ISO-9001 accredited team of Certificated Enforcement Officers who can carry out a full range of duties. From serving legal papers to evicting squatters and enforcing court judgements, we offer a timely service within the framework of the law. If you have any queries or require any advice on any aspect of our service, our highly experienced support team are on hand to assist.

Although we are based in Bristol, we offer our services throughout the UK. Get in touch today if you would like to discuss enlisting the services of a Certificated Enforcement Office by calling us on 0845 370 7401 or through our contact form.

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