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house being squatted in

Do Squatter’s Rights still Exist?

Finding out that squatters are occupying your property is never an ideal situation for landlords or property owners. It can even be a distressing experience. One concern for landlords who discover squatters on their premises is whether they have a legal right to be there, and what that means in regards to evicting them. What […]

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Can squatters be arrested?

A squatter is an occupant of a building or land that is not being used, and who has no legal claim to the property and no prior permission to use the property. It is often the case that squatters claim a right to occupy a building or land based on Section 6 of the Criminal […]

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Do you need the police to evict squatters?

Dealing with squatters as a property owner is never easy, but it’s important to follow the legal route to make sure the eviction process is done properly. Whilst the police should be informed in relation to commercial property, they will see it as a civil matter, whereas squatters in a residential property can be evicted […]

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