Traveller Evictions

If your land has become illegally occupied by travellers or squatters, and you would like to repossess it quickly while complying with the law, then our Certificated Enforcement Officers can help. Our specially trained teams have a full understanding of Common Law, are trained in the removal of trespassers on land, and are also fully up to date on current legislation, along with an understanding of the complexities involved with evicting members of the travelling community. We understand complexities that local authorities have on them when it comes to removal of the Travelling community. However, with the right team in place your reputation is never in question. We maintain not only our standards, but your reputation is never in question.

Using relevant legislation, we can assist with evictions of any size throughout the England & Wales. (Scotland has its own regulations with respect to travellers and squatters.) In most cases we can usually clear land within 24hrs, or working to an agenda to suit your needs.

For immediate assistance, call us on 0845 370 7401.

Choosing to instruct Able Investigations means you will benefit from:

  • An enforcement team who hold Enforcement Certificates issued in the Bristol County Court
  • A eviction solution that avoids the need to obtain a Court Order
  • A team with thorough understanding of Common Law
  • The option of receiving in-house training regarding Enforcement Law
  • Advice of the best course of action to take to regain control of your land
  • Operates throughout England and Wales
  • A Quick & Legal option for removal of unwelcome trespassers on your land
  • We are specialists in Common Law and the Removal of Squatters, Protestors, and Illegal Raves.
  • Should you require post eviction assistance we can also arrange this.

Quick and legal service

We offer a fully legal process that will assist our clients avoiding time-consuming legal proceeding, allowing normal business operation to resume quickly with minimal disruption.

With trespassed on land we normally act under Common Law, this can speed up the process of reclaiming a client’s land, we also operation with local authorities utilising Section 77 of the Local Authorities Act.

Normally, from the moment of instruction the land is usually cleared within 24hrs, however we will work to your agenda.

Expert service

When carrying out traveller evictions, not only in Bristol but across England & Wales our clients range from local authorities and holiday parks, or stores, which have a car park adjacent to their premises. We also act for a number of private landowners. We have a dedicated Rapid Response Team that are specially trained to be on site and ready to proceed within a few hours, these officers can deal with the most contentious issue. However our Officers are trained in Conflict Management, therefore in most cases the situation is quickly resolved.

Therefore, we can help with your traveller, squatter, trespasser, or even protesters throughout England & Wales. If you require a professional enforcement team to help with your needs you can talk directly to one of our team by calling 0845 3707 401. We do not use an automatic system, so you will immediately be put through to one of the team. Alternatively, why not drop us an email and we will get in touch at a time that suits you.

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