If you have a question about any of our services, check our FAQs below to see if you can find the answer. If not, you can speak to a member of our helpful and professional team on 0845 370 7401.

We offer UK process serving at a fixed fee of £125.00+VAT for up to three visits per instruction. We also offer a 25% discount on all volume work, that being anything over ten cases a week.

Category: Process Serving

We serve a range of legal documents including seven-day letters, documents related to contentious matters such as injunctions, or anti-social behaviours as well as insolvency proceedings.

Category: Process Serving

We will visit the service address up to three times to serve the documents, all within the one fixed fee of £125+VAT.

Category: Process Serving

Yes, we can serve papers anywhere in the UK or worldwide and offer a same day rush service.

Category: Process Serving

You can easily instruct us by calling one of our team on 0845 370 7401 or use our contact form. Should you require any information outside of normal business hours, we offer a 24-hour service with our emergency contact number being 07721 46 00 28.

Category: Process Serving

Once papers have been served you will receive a statement or Affidavit of Service, depending on the type of document served. In over twenty years, we have never had a case thrown out of court because of our statements.

Category: Process Serving

This is the last resort however, if it’s the only way we can contact the subject to get them served it is an option open to us. We’ve managed to get witness statements before the court and have them accepted by serving over the telephone and social media.

Category: Process Serving

Yes, we send an update email after each visit and also once the papers have been served so you are always kept informed. Some clients prefer a telephone call so we are happy to tailor the reporting to whichever method suits you best. We will also send a daily update to confirm all instructions received that day.

Category: Process Serving

If you’re concerned with trespassers, squatters, or travellers returning to your property after the eviction has been completed then we can help.

We can advise and implement security measures for you so that your property stays secure. From security cameras to SIA licenced security guards, we can offer a complete or partial security service post-eviction.

Category: Evictions

If your property or land has become damaged, or premises has been left unclean, because of trespassers and you need help with the clean-up, our team can be of assistance.

We can remove left items, such as rubbish, and even vehicles, and clean the site so you are left with a space that is ready to use.

Category: Evictions

No. We operate throughout the world, using a network of trained and experienced enforcement officers.

We are based in Bristol, but operate throughout the southwest and the rest of the UK.

If you need to find missing persons outside of the UK, or need to recover debts from those no longer in the UK, we can help as we can work globally.

Statute Barred Debt is debt that may no longer be able to be recovered due to the length of time that has passed.

Debts ignored by both involved parties for longer than 6 years become statute barred, making it no longer enforceable to recover.

If you have a debt that you think may be statute barred, then please get in touch to find out if this is the case and whether there is anything you can do to recover the sum owed. Call us on 0845 370 7401.

Category: Debt Recovery

There are limitations to goods you can seize to cover commercial rent arrears. You are not allowed to seize essential items and work tools, or any items that do not belong to the debtor.

You can read more about what goods can be seized to cover outstanding rent in this blog post.

We can help you recover old debts. This includes debts that have been owed for over 6 years, so long as you have made previous attempts to recover the money owed.

Category: Debt Recovery

We can help you recover debts owed by someone who has seemingly disappeared.

We have access to a number of databases where we can track absconded debtors and locate home and business addresses.

Category: Debt Recovery

If you are a landlord of a commercial property and your tenant owes over 7 days of rent, then you can use the CRAR procedure.

Using CRAR will allow you to recover goods to cover the sum of the debt owed.

Category: Landlords

Discovering squatters in your commercial premises can be distressing, especially if they have left your premises in a state of disrepair.

That is why our enforcement team will work to remove commercial squatters as quickly as possible. You do not necessarily need to go through a court procedure to remove squatters and can instead act under Common Law. This means that there is a possibility for our enforcement team to successfully remove squatters from your premises within 24-48 hours of instruction.

Category: Squatters

We have a very high success rate when it comes to removing protestors, but as you can expect, the time it takes to remove them differs case by case.

Timescales and procedures can dramatically differ depending on whether protestors are occupying land or property.

Category: Protestors

As every case is different, we provide bespoke costs for each situation. To receive a quote for our services, please get in touch with a member of our team by calling 0845 370 7401.

We endeavour to evict squatters in the quickest way possible while complying with the law.

After being instructed by a client, our team of experienced, certificated enforcement officers will take the first steps to evict squatters from a commercial premises. We will visit the premises to request that the squatters vacate the premises. Providing that no more than reasonable force is used, and we can gain access to the property without being accosted, we can legally evict there and then.

Should we be unable to evict, we will then advise on the next appropriate step to take, which could mean obtaining a Court Order.

Category: Squatters

Under Common Law we can only remove squatters using no more than reasonable force.

If we are unable to remove squatters using no more than reasonable force, or feel that the situation is no longer safe for all parties, then we will request a police presence.

In many circumstances we will request a police presence to avoid a breach of the peace.

Category: Squatters