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Commercial Tenant Eviction in the UK

As a landlord, getting the right tenant is always tricky. This can be even harder with commercial properties as these are used for business and rely on the business succeeding. While you always hope for the best, sometimes there are situations where you need to consider commercial tenant eviction. So if this is you, let’s take a look […]

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How To Evict A Tenant In The UK?

As a landlord, it is always more desirable to have a tenant in your property than it sitting vacant.  That’s means evicting a tenant is always the last thing you want to do.  Sadly, there are situations where this is the only route and if this is the case, you need to ensure you do […]

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Can I evict a tenant myself?

As a landlord, one of the biggest issues you will face is if a tenant stops paying their rent but is still occupying the property.  It’s the nightmare situation that can be stressful and frustrating as well as expensive – after all, mortgages and other bills still need to be paid. A common question from landlords […]

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CRAR: Advantages and disadvantages

Many commercial landlords and tenants had long complained that the current laws were outdated, overly complicated and unfair.  They seemed to favour the landlord in a way that was wrong but also made it unclear what landlords could and couldn’t do. That all changed in 2014 when a new set of legislation was introduced – […]

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Can Landlords Evict Tenants Quickly?

Landlords may need to evict tenants for different reasons. Some bad tenants stop paying rent and try to ride out the storm for as long as they can, while other tenants may be mistreating the property or causing issues with neighbours. If it’s your property, the UK law lets you get rid of tenants quickly, […]

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How do you evict a commercial tenant?

If a commercial tenant has failed to pay their rent, it is only natural that you would wish to seek to evict them, however finding the best method to suit your needs is paramount. We will show you the best way to evict commercial tenant. Forfeiting the lease The majority of commercial leases give landlords […]

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How to evict a business from your property

Repossessing a property with commercial tenants has different rules when compared to the eviction process used for tenants of residential or mixed purpose buildings. You should also keep in mind that the process to repossess a commercial or mixed-use property is often longer than that required for a property that is only residential in nature. […]

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