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A guide to CRAR

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) is a process that was introduced on April 6th, 2014 to replace Distress for Rent. It means that landlords can recover rent without needing to go to court, (this can only be done by using certificated enforcement agents). What is CRAR for? CRAR is a procedure that only applies to […]

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How quickly can I reclaim outstanding office rent?

Receiving all the money due under a commercial lease is one of the main concerns for landlords of office spaces. Whether things go awry from the beginning or after a couple of years of the commercial contract running, commercial landlords may sometimes need to look into a number of the various methods of reclaiming outstanding […]

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How do I claim outstanding office rent?

One of the main concerns for landlords of commercial premises is making sure they receive all the monies due under the lease from the tenant. Sometimes, things go awry, which means that commercial landlords need to look into various methods of enforcing payments and how to claim the outstanding office rent. Things to consider before […]

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Future proofing your commercial lease

As a commercial landlord, your premises are a source of income and this comes from the rent paid by the tenant. In the majority of cases, this will be paid every month without issue. But situations can arise where the tenant stops paying the rent. Therefore, prior to them moving into the property, it is […]

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Making sure you choose the right residential tenants

Having a residential property is one thing, finding the right tenants is another altogether. While the thought of earning a rental income from your property is an enticing one, some tenants have the potential to make your life a living hell. With the high demand for property to rent ever increasing, it is essential that […]

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