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Welcome to Able Investigations and Enforcement Agency

Able Investigations and Enforcements are one of the leading industry authorities in a range of specialist enforcement and investigation services.

We are an enforcement agency with our head office located in Bristol however we operate throughout the whole of England and Wales. Acting quickly and professionally, we deal with matters from process serving and tracing to squatter or traveller evictions whether under Common Law or Writ of Possession.

Should you require the services of the High Court, we can arrange to have the matter transferred via our High Court Officer, which will then be dealt with in-house.

Let’s not forget our specialist Public Order Enforcement Teams™, specially trained to the equivalent of Level 2 PSU training in contentious matters. Along with our Security Division, Able Investigations and Enforcement is your one-stop shop.


Our Services

traveller evictions

Traveller Evictions

If you find your land has been encroached by travellers and you want to get a quick and peacefully solution, at Able Investigations we are traveller eviction experts over 20 years.

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Commercial Squatters

Having squatters in the commercial property can be very stressful. We offer a wide range of solutions for commercial property owners affected by squatters to recover possession.

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high court enforcement

High Court Enforcements

We are a long-established High Court Enforcement office in Bristol and we are experts on recovering money, land and property, or assets. Let us help you.

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protestor removal

Removal of Protesters and Activists

Removing protester is not an easy task. Our Certificated Enforcement Officers are specialist in recovering possession by removing protestors and activists.

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Security Guards

Our security guards are trained for every stressful situation in order to reduce the risk of disturbance, injury or complication.

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repossessions (1)


Our 98% success rate of recovering monies owed is a good reason for trust in Able Investigations for repossessions. We always operate within the laws that govern our industry.

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debtor tracing

Debtor Tracing

If you need to recover a debt and need help locating the debtor, then our debtor tracing and recovery services are your solution.

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CRAR (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery)

If your tenant owes you money from a commercial premise and you would like to recover rent owed, you are in the right place. Our experienced team are highly qualified to recover monies owed, within legal guidelines.

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Process Serving

Our process servers will serve all legal papers and court orders for you, ranging from a winding-up petition, tenant and landlord lease break notice to divorce petition.

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Some of Our Clients

Bristol council logo
Plymouth Council
CMS Law Tax
Somerset County Council




What Our Clients Say

Many thanks from myself and Eurotunnel for your prompt and efficient removal of these persons and their vehicles. I will not hesitate to use your services should it be needed again. The police and my colleagues were very impressed with the efficiency and professional attitude of your officers. – Robert Gregory, Eurotunnel

Able Enforcements are an invaluable ally when faced with strict time limits and the need to ensure that very specific criteria relating to the service documents have been met. I would recommend Steve and Able Enforcements to anyone requiring a professional, prompt and reliable Process Server. – BLB Solicitors

I wanted to thank all at Able for the assistance on the property in Old Market earlier this year. Your advice was excellent at all times. We have never had problems with squatters before and hope we will never again. If we did so we would be using your company again and more than happy to recommend you to anyone else. – The Vassall Centre

Absolutely brilliant (traveller eviction) service. Couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Thank you for helping over the weekend too, an absolutely amazing service. – Clare Orme, Fradley & Streethay Parish Council

Thank you for the work of your team yesterday in Stadhampton. Although it is a lovely village with large properties and so on, the residents were simply ordinary people and rather scared. Their previous experience from encampments has been of hostility and abuse. I had people contacting me throughout the day, frightened to go out. Quite a few panicked when they could see more and more caravans arriving. So, the professionalism of your team was very reassuring that you did know what to do and had the means to do it. – Bev Field, Parish Clerk for Stadhampton Parish Council


Our Accreditations

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