Is there an easy way to recover outstanding rent?

Collecting outstanding rent from commercial tenants is never an easy task, but with the right kind of professional help, you can recover commercial rent arrears with excellent results. As there are several statutory procedures available for this purpose in the UK, it is important to know the differences between them and choose the right one for your situation.

Understanding the 2014 Changes in Law

On the 6th April 2014, the landlord’s common law of distress against the tenant was abolished and replaced by completely new regulations known as Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR). This is a regime that is more tenant friendly but also allows landlords to seize and sell the goods of a defaulting tenant.

Even though CRAR is similar to distress in more than one way, there are some vital differences you need to understand before proceeding with this method of enforcement to recover rent arrears. With the former distress method, landlords could enter the premises without warning and seize goods belonging to the tenants.

With the new legislation, landlords need to give tenants seven clear days of written notice of their intention to use CRAR before actually being able to enter the premises and seize the goods. It is important to note is that the notice needs to contain certain specified information in order for the CRAR to be lawful.

The main distinction with CRAR is the risk of the tenant removing their valuable goods from the premises is high given the seven-day notice window. However, if the landlord has a valid concern that the tenants will be removing the goods, the notice can be shortened by the court.

How Can Able Investigations Help Landlords Enforce CRAR?

Able Investigations can help you recover rent arrears as well as contractual liabilities for a full rent term, which applies in the situation your tenant has left the property. We employ the services of High Court Enforcement Officers, so we are able to help you get judgements for any outstanding sums that are related to your former tenancy agreements.

If your tenant has already left the premises and moved on to new ones, we can help you by demanding payment that includes all of our fees and seizing the goods they left behind in order to cover the outstanding amount. Our service is available for most kinds of commercial tenancies.

If you would like more information about how Able Investigations can help you recover any outstanding commercial rent arrears in Bristol, get in touch with us today. Our professional team can answer all your questions and help you decide the best course of action tailored to your particular situation. For more information, please call us on 0345 366 0000.

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