Enforcement Services

Legally recover commercial rent without a Court Order.

If you are a landlord struggling to recover your rent arrears from tenants then you may believe that you have to go through the Court process before beginning to recover your outstanding rent. This is a common misconception but as a commercial landlord you do not require a Court Order to recover rent arrears. All you need to do is follow the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery procedure.

By carrying out a Controlled Goods Agreement, the rent arrears can be recovered without the need for expensive and protracted court action. This not only saves you expensive court and solicitors fees, but will also speed up the process of recovering your outstanding rent. But remember, it can only legally be done by a Certificated Enforcement Officer.

Through our network of Certificated Enforcement Officers we can collect any outstanding monies or sell goods after the Controlled Goods Agreement has been completed at auction or to offset or recover the full amount of rent.

In most cases the debtor will not want to lose his business or his livelihood. Therefore, they will both instigate a payment plan and stick to it, or they will find a way to make a full payment to cover the outstanding rent and our costs. It is highly unlikely that we will need to seize the goods, but when we do, we have a number of auction houses around the country that will be able to deal with our request.

  • Fully Certificated Enforcement Officers

  • No Need for a Court Order for Commercial Property  

  • We act across the United Kingdom

  • Fully Authorised under an Enforcement Officers Certificate, Issued in Bristol County Court

  • Thorough Understanding of the Law

  • Experienced and Helpful Team, even Our Support Staff Are Qualified to Level II Controlled Goods Agreement.

If you require a professional enforcement team to help with your needs you can talk directly to one of our team by calling 0845 3707 401. You’ll be put directly through to a member of our team who can help you with your issue, rather than have to select a department. Alternatively, you can drop us an email and we will get in touch at a time that suits you.


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