Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) Services

If your tenant owes you money from a commercial premise and you would like to recover rent owed, Able Enforcements can help. Our Certificated Enforcement Officers follow the Commercial Rent Arrear Recovery (CRAR) procedure to recover monies owed, within legal guidelines, to ensure you can continue with your typical business operations, at minimum disruption.

What is CRAR?

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery, or CRAR, was brought in on the 6th April 2014 to replace the Distress for Rent Act. The change means that landlords can no longer attempt to recover outstanding rent themselves; it must be a Certificated Enforcement Officer who carries out these procedures on their behalf.

Here at Able, our Enforcement powers allow us to take control of goods belonging to commercial tenants for unpaid rent. If the rent amount remains unpaid after we have sent the seven-day Enforcement Letter, we can attend and carry out a Controlled Goods agreement, even removing the goods there and then if necessary. Once removed, they can be sold at public auction, offsetting the net sales proceeds against the amount owed so you can recover rent owed quickly and efficiently.

However, as with all matters, it is always better to keep the business trading and get paid, rather than remove the goods. This way, you will able to continue to have a paying tenant rather than an empty shop. We can negotiate a sensible and detailed repayment plan, on your behalf, to aid in continuing your business relationship.

Being the leading premier enforcement company, you can rest assured that you and your instructions are in safe hands.

So why use Able Enforcements for your rent recovery?

  • Take advantage of our years of experience in the enforcement sector
  • Benefit from our legal understanding to ensure you always act according to relevant and up to date legislation
  • We have the powers to take control of goods belonging to commercial tenants should it be necessary (abiding by the government regulations, along with acting morally)
  • Providing a high-quality service evidenced by our ISO:9001 accreditation
  • Advice on enforcement matters to know your rights
  • We act across England and Wales

You can contact us to discuss your current situation.

Finding the best solution for your problem

In most cases, it is more prudent to negotiate a short-term payment arrangement with the tenant to recover the full amount, leaving the goods seized on site pending payment. This has the advantage of allowing the tenant to continue to trade, while the landlord receives the full rental amount. The tenant is also liable for our fees, allowing the landlord to recover the full rent amount at little cost to themselves. Our years of experience will ensure we can negotiate the best situation for both you and the tenant.

Professional commercial rent recovery service

Able Enforcements can assist you to recover rent arrears or contractual liability for a full rent term after a tenant has left a property. Our High Court Enforcement Officers can enforce Judgments and Writs across England and Wales, utilising years of experience in the industry. Our Enforcement Teams are well equipped to, should the need arise, recover goods from the tenant always abiding by the relevant government legislation. Whatever the scale or location of the commercial premises, Able Enforcements have the team, knowledge and experience to recover owed rental payments.

If you require assistance with commercial rent recovery or would like more information about where CRAR can be used, then please get in touch. Our professional team can help you during the CRAR process and are happy to help answer any questions you may have. You can call us on 0345 366 0000, send us an email or use our contact form.

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