Status Enquiries, Lifestyle and Pre-Sue Reports

If you need to begin proceedings to reclaim money owed, then you may require a status report. Obtaining a lifestyle and pre-sue report prior to submitting a court application provides the insurance you need as it shows that the debtor has assets or money to pay the outstanding debt.

Able Investigations and Enforcements can compile status reports that contain information to enable you to make a decision over whether or not to proceed to the courts or recover debt through other means of enforcement.

Detailed Reporting

Our in-depth report will:

  • Confirm if the subject is still a resident of the address provided. If not, providing they still reside in the United Kingdom, we will provide a new address.
  • Give a description and a basic valuation of the property, from open source networks.
  • Appraise the apparent lifestyle and, where possible, provide financial status information regarding employment or business activities.
  • Contain information from our many databases, such as County Court Judgements and the electoral register and our up-to-date electronic systems, along with good old fashioned detective work.
  • Provide additional information we feel would be of assistance to you.

Please note, access to certain database information is strictly controlled by the Data Protection Register and it is necessary to fully comply with the legal requirements.

For more information about our Status Reports services, or to request that we carry one out on your behalf, please get in touch by calling 0345 366 0000.