What is a Section 8 Notice?

One thing that most landlords dread is having tenants that don’t follow the terms laid out in their tenancy agreement. Fortunately, the law has provided protection for landlords that have to deal with troublesome tenants, using the Section 8 Notice. If you have only recently become a landlord, you may have only just heard of […]

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Tips to Protect Your Land from Trespassers

Trespassing may seem like a minor crime carried out by youths and neighbourhood cats, but trespassing can be the start of a stressful and costly period for property owners. If you own property that is often left unattended for long periods, it can become a magnet for brazen squatters claiming squatters’ rights. The truth is […]

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Consequences of An Incorrect Service of Process

Putting your money into bricks and mortar and developing your own property portfolio is the dream for many people. However, becoming a landlord is not always plain sailing. Some landlords need to evict tenants, which requires legal steps to be followed meticulously.   One of the most important steps which needs to be completed is […]

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Can Landlords Evict Tenants Quickly?

Landlords may need to evict tenants for different reasons. Some bad tenants stop paying rent and try to ride out the storm for as long as they can, while other tenants may be mistreating the property or causing issues with neighbours. If it’s your property, the UK law lets you get rid of tenants quickly, […]

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What is a controlled goods agreement?

If someone is unable to pay their debts, enforcement officers usually become involved. A Controlled Goods Agreement (sometimes called a CGA or Walking Possession Agreement) is a document which secures the property of the debtor to their debt when immediate payment is required to the Enforcement Agents and the debtor is unable to make that […]

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How to serve a Court Order

Serving Court Orders in the UK is a complex process. There are several ways in which a Court Order may be served. Some can be mailed to a given address, however others must be delivered in person. Making sure that the correct process for each Court Order is followed will ensure that there are no […]

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How do you evict a commercial tenant?

If a commercial tenant has failed to pay their rent, it is only natural that you would wish to seek to evict them, however finding the best method to suit your needs is paramount. We will show you the best way to evict commercial tenant. Forfeiting the lease The majority of commercial leases give landlords […]

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What are the duties of an Enforcement Officer?

Enforcement officers work for local authorities, civil enforcement agencies and county courts. They have a key role to play in collecting outstanding debts. Sometimes, this will be by removing possessions from the debtor’s address or by repossessing the property. Enforcement officers also conduct evictions when necessary. The property and goods which are seized by enforcement […]

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