What is the compliance stage?

If you need to recover a sum of money that is owed to you and you’re positive that the debtor doesn’t have the funds to cover it, your other option is to seize some or all of their goods to cover their debt. You can do so with a writ of control, which is a […]

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A guide to CRAR

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) is a process that was introduced on April 6th, 2014 to replace Distress for Rent. It means that landlords can recover rent without needing to go to court, (this can only be done by using certificated enforcement agents). What is CRAR for? CRAR is a procedure that only applies to […]

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What methods do Able Investigations use to remove squatters?

Evicting squatters from commercial property is a situation that may affect many landlords who own commercial properties that are left empty due to a number of reasons such as holiday periods. Even though discovering squatters in a commercial property is often distressing, there are methods to remove them as quickly as possible. Since the Legal […]

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How quickly can I reclaim outstanding office rent?

Receiving all the money due under a commercial lease is one of the main concerns for landlords of office spaces. Whether things go awry from the beginning or after a couple of years of the commercial contract running, commercial landlords may sometimes need to look into a number of the various methods of reclaiming outstanding […]

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How do travellers find land to squat on?

As a landowner, you may be worried about the possibility of gypsies and travellers eyeing your land to squat on. If travellers set up their encampment on private land, it is the responsibility of the owner to remove them, as the council only gets involved when they are camped on council-owned land. With this in […]

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Do you need the police to evict squatters?

Dealing with squatters as a property owner is never easy, but it’s important to follow the legal route to make sure the eviction process is done properly. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need the police to evict squatters from a residential or commercial property. Squatters can be evicted easily even if the property […]

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How do I use an enforcement agency?

An enforcement agency can offer practical advice regarding the correct legal procedures for a variety of situations that range from evictions to debt recovery. By using the services of professional certificated enforcement officers, you can be sure that your problem is dealt with swiftly and following the legal requirements to the letter. (more…)

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