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How To Evict Travellers From Council Land

The issue of Travellers and where they can set up caravans is always a difficult one.  While the rule for the private landowner is relatively clear, it can be a more complex issue when the land is owned by the Local Authority.  Sadly, there are often situations where the Local Authority has the need to […]

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Can I evict a tenant myself?

As a landlord, one of the biggest issues you will face is if a tenant stops paying their rent but is still occupying the property.  It’s the nightmare situation that can be stressful and frustrating as well as expensive – after all, mortgages and other bills still need to be paid. A common question from landlords […]

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How Does a Process Server Locate Someone?

Process serving is used to get legal documents in the hands of a specific person.  But it is about more than just dropping them off through their mailbox.  Some strict guidelines and requirements need to be followed and that’s why a process server is used. But how does a process server locate someone?  And what happens if there […]

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When Do You Need Security Guards?

Security guards have become a more common sight in recent years. From banks to events or simply in the background when someone notable is around, we often see them without realising we see them.  But when are the occasions that a business might need security guards? Professional security guard services In the UK, anyone serving […]

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Get the right type of security guard for your business

Security guards are a common sight around shops and other business types.  They offer that sense of protection for both business owners and people visiting the business.  But did you know that not anyone can just apply to be a security guard?  And that there are different types depending on the license they have? Why […]

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