security guards radioing

Why do we need security guards?

When running a business or event, there is always risk of criminal activity or disorderly behaviour. Therefore, it is important to be more vigilant about what’s going on in your environment. Having a security guard will provide protection and a sense of security. Guards can implement crowd control, deter against theft, and maintain overall security. […]

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house being squatted in

Do squatter’s rights still exist?

Finding out that squatters are occupying your property is never an ideal situation for landlords or property owners. It can even be a distressing experience. One concern for landlords who discover squatters on their premises is whether they have a legal right to be there, and what that means in regards to evicting them. What […]

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people walking

How to recover debt from an individual

Being owed money can be very infuriating and uncomfortable, and even worse when going through the process of recovering it!   There are many things to consider when beginning this journey, so continue reading to get an insight on our debt recovery advice  Where to start?  The first step of a debt recovery process is trying […]

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What Is the Role of Enforcement Services?

Have you ever found yourself locked in a heated dispute with one of your tenants? Unfortunately, problem tenants can be the worst nightmare for landlords.  Some of the problems you are likely to have with unruly tenants revolve around cleanliness, rent arrears, breakages, pets, subletting, property damage, etc. And when push comes to shove, you […]

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landlord choosing a property key

How to choose the best tenant for your rental?

Having a residential property is one thing, finding the right tenants is another altogether. As a landlord, you must have given a thought to how to choose the right tenants for your rental property. While the thought of earning a renta income from your property is an enticing one, some tenants have the potential to […]

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