Dealing with protestors on your land

All democratic societies embrace the right to peaceful protest and our country is no exception. It is perfectly legal for people to gather and express their views as long as they are not breaking any law(s). For example, if the gathering descends into a situation where the rights of others are being infringed upon, then […]

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Making sure you choose the right residential tenants

Having a residential property is one thing, finding the right tenants is another altogether. While the thought of earning a rental income from your property is an enticing one, some tenants have the potential to make your life a living hell. With the high demand for property to rent ever increasing, it is essential that […]

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Merits of outsourcing legal papers

When it comes to serving legal papers, the time limit is a crucial factor. It is not uncommon for an entire legal case to hinge on whether papers were served within the stipulated timeframe or not, as well as adhere to the correct legal procedures. It is these challenges that have made it prudent for […]

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What is a Certificated Enforcement Officer?

A Certificated Enforcement Officer is someone who can do the job often referred to as a bailiff but also has the qualifications and experience to show they do the job properly and within all the applicable laws. When you or your company employ an enforcement officer, you should always check they are certified to protect […]

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