Do you need the police to evict squatters?

Dealing with squatters as a property owner is never easy, but it’s important to follow the legal route to make sure the eviction process is done properly. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need the police to evict squatters from a residential or commercial property. Squatters can be evicted easily even if the property […]

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How do I use an enforcement agency?

An enforcement agency can offer practical advice regarding the correct legal procedures for a variety of situations that range from evictions to debt recovery. By using the services of professional certificated enforcement officers, you can be sure that your problem is dealt with swiftly and following the legal requirements to the letter. (more…)

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Why do I need a certificated Enforcement Officer?

Whether you are a residential or commercial landlord who wishes to recover outstanding rent arrears or a business owner who needs to chase debtors for unpaid invoices, there are multiple situations where you would need the help of certificated enforcement officer. Certificated Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing court judgements or orders for £600 or […]

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How do I claim outstanding office rent?

One of the main concerns for landlords of commercial premises is making sure they receive all the monies due under the lease from the tenant. Sometimes, things go awry, which means that commercial landlords need to look into various methods of enforcing payments and how to claim the outstanding office rent. Things to consider before […]

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Forfeiture of lease vs CRAR – Which should I carry out?

On 6 April 2014, the Taking Control of Goods Regulations was introduced, and many landlords have been wondering whether this legislation affects their rights to forfeit a lease. This piece of legislation introduced the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), which allows commercial landlords to take control of goods that belong to the tenant and sell […]

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What is involved in process serving?

Process serving is one of the most common requests individuals have when it comes to dealing with court orders and legal documents in the UK. Simply put, this process is the legal way to serve your documents quickly and in complete accordance with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). In order for documents to be served according […]

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What is a statute barred debt?

Statute barred means that a debt has been barred under statute. I.e. the creditor has run out of time to collect the debt through the courts. Many people who have old debts believe that they do not have to pay any more, but the truth is that creditors can in some cases still take action, […]

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3 methods of removing commercial squatters

Due to legislation changes that took place in 2012, squatters have been displaced from residential to commercial property. As such, squatting has become a real issue for property managers, who need to make sure that they remove any squatters promptly and re-secure the property to prevent them from returning. (more…)

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