What’s involved in debtor tracing?

There are many reasons why you might be chasing a debtor – whether you’re a landlord chasing tenants for rent, or a commercial lender owed interest on a loan, there are specific steps you need to take to recover the debt legally and efficiently. Contemporary technology makes it easier today to trace your debtor than […]

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What is a County Court Judgement?

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is a stage of debt recovery that means a court has been contacted and is now responsible for dealing with the debtor. It can be received in paper or email form, and will contain a statement of the amount owed, how conditions have not been met, what the proposed payment […]

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Can squatters be arrested?

A squatter is an occupant of a building or land that is not being used, and who has no legal claim to the property and no prior permission to use the property. It is often the case that squatters claim a right to occupy a building or land based on Section 6 of the Criminal […]

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Guide: SIA Licensing Explained

What is SIA? What is the difference between SIA licenses? What license do you need for different events? Where to get training How to apply for a license How to renew your license How to choose a security company for your event When you hire someone in the security industry, you expect a certain level […]

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How to get a status report

Collecting debt from an individual or business can be a difficult undertaking, especially if your information on the debtor is limited. The options for retrieving owed money are extensive, but without prior knowledge of the debtor’s financial situation, they can be costly and inefficient with the potential of very little reward. One of the ways […]

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What level of security do you need for your event?

Event security is more important than ever in the UK. As the organiser of an event, whether big or small, you have the responsibility to ensure that you contract security operatives who are equipped to handle your type of event and that you have enough guards for the size of your event. Ideally, security operatives […]

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