process server serving divorce papers

How Much Does it Cost for a Process Server?

When it comes to how much it costs to hire a process server, there are a few things to consider. A process server delivers significant documents to a person who has been summoned to court. Or it is the start of a legal process. Process servers don’t merely deliver paper documents, as many people believe. It is […]

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Legal documentation

What is a Process Server?

Process servers deliver significant legal documentation to the right person at the right time, whether this be an individual, a company, or organisation. They’re particularly helpful for cases in which the recipient can’t be tracked down, or if the recipient poses a threat to the papers’ sender.

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A security guard

What Security Guards Can and Can’t do in the UK

A Security Officer, also known as a Security Guard, is responsible for ensuring the safety of the property, company, group, or individuals they are assigned to protect. Their responsibilities include keeping watch on the site, dealing with threats and inappropriate behaviour, responding to emergencies, and keeping note of all on-site happenings. But what exactly can […]

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partner serving divorce papers in the UK

How Are Divorce Papers Served in the UK?

Divorce is seldom easy, although the process of filing for divorce can be relatively simple in the UK. Frequently, it is at the point of serving the divorce papers that a couple’s situation can develop complications. So, how are divorce papers served in the UK? Reasons for separation can be complex. If communications with a […]

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How To Deal with Trespassers in The UK?

If you own your own home or land in the UK then the problem of trespassers is one you can encounter in some form at any stage.  Trespassing can be anything from a neighbour constantly using your driveway to access their property to someone entering your land and staying there. But how do you deal […]

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Forfeiting a Commercial Lease

The rules for forfeiting a commercial lease were amended last year to protect businesses that were badly affected or forced to close during the Covid 19 crisis. With these restrictions likely to remain in place at least until March 2022, you should be aware of your current rights as a landlord when it comes to ending the leases on commercial properties.  What […]

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