What is a peaceful possession procedure?

Landlords who discover trespasser or squatters on their premises will want to have them removed quickly and legally to avoid potential damage to their premises. Using a certificated enforcement officer to assist in evicting squatters from your commercial premises means that individuals can be removed from the premises without having to have a court order.

Peaceful Possession

If you discover that your commercial premises is being occupied by squatters then you will require assistance from an enforcement agency to evict squatters from the premises. The first steps that a certificated enforcement officer will take is to attempt to gain peaceful possession of the premises.

Peaceful possession is when an enforcement officer can obtain access to the property without being accosted by a squatter. If they can enter the premises without being accosted, then the enforcement officer can legally evict squatters so long as no more than reasonable force is used.

Interim Possession Order

If peaceful possession cannot be obtained, then your Enforcement Officer can advise on the next steps to take to regain possession of your premises. An Interim Possession Order (IPO), may be required to evict squatters and trespassers from your premises. Once the court has issued the IPO, then any squatters or trespassers must vacate your premises within 24hrs of the order being served to them.

If you own a commercial property and have recently discovered that it has been occupied by squatters, Able Investigations can help you legally evict them. Our certificated enforcement officers are experienced in helping commercial property owners regain possession of their land and operate throughout the United Kingdom. For more information about how Able Investigations can help, or to instruct us to begin eviction procedure to remove commercial squatters from your premises, please speak to a member of our professional team by calling 0345 366 0000.

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