How do I use an enforcement agency?

An enforcement agency can offer practical advice regarding the correct legal procedures for a variety of situations that range from evictions to debt recovery. By using the services of professional certificated enforcement officers, you can be sure that your problem is dealt with swiftly and following the legal requirements to the letter.

What should I do before using an enforcement agency?

Before contacting an enforcement agency, take a minute to gather all the information and documents related to your issue so that we can advise you as soon as possible. Enforcement agencies offer bespoke services, so it’s important to have all the details of your case at hand to get personalised advice.

Some of the documents that you will generally need to have ready before contacting an enforcement agency include copies of leases, bank account statements, contracts, and any correspondence that proves that you are owed money.

What services can I use enforcement officers for?

Enforcement officers offer revenue and debt collection services for private individuals such as landlords, as well as for local authorities, solicitors, magistrates’ courts, and more. Some of the situations that you may need help with include business debts, statutory demands for bankruptcy, former tenant arrears, commercial rent, and more.

With the help of an enforcement agency, you can also deal with other types of issues such as those related to the removal of protestors, activists, and travellers from your property.

Process serving for personal or business documents and dealing with statute-barred debts are some further services that you can benefit from when you contact an enforcement agency.

High Court Enforcement Services

If you are owed more than £600, you can transfer the court order you have against the person or company that owes you money to High Court Enforcement Officers. These officers can help you whenever you require assistance with recovering outstanding debts, evicting a non-paying tenant, and repossessing land, among others.

Contact Able Investigations if you require the services of an enforcement agency to assist you with enforcing High Court judgments, or if you are in need of advice regarding the recovery of debts, removing squatters from your land, or evicting commercial tenants. We are here to assist you with legal advice and action no matter what the issue may be.

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