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How to Evict Squatters

For landlords, squatters are not just a nuisance, they can cost you a significant amount of money in lost revenue on your property as well as causing damage you will have to pay to put right. Getting rid of squatters quickly and effectively is clearly a priority for any landlord or management company finding themselves […]

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What are the differences between using an IPO, a Court Order, and Common Law to evict squatters?

If you are currently dealing with squatters occupying your commercial premises, then it is likely that you want to evict them quickly and legally so that you can regain possession of your premises. Familiarising yourself with the different procedures that can be used to get squatters to leave your property means that you can use […]

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What is a peaceful possession procedure?

Landlords who discover trespasser or squatters on their premises will want to have them removed quickly and legally to avoid potential damage to their premises. Using a certificated enforcement officer to assist in evicting squatters from your commercial premises means that individuals can be removed from the premises without having to have a court order. […]

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