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Why do we Need Security Guards?

When running a business or event, there is always risk of criminal activity or disorderly behaviour. Therefore, it is important to be more vigilant about what’s going on in your environment. Having a security guard will provide protection and a sense of security. Guards can implement crowd control, deter against theft, and maintain overall security. […]

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What Security Guards Can and Can’t do in the UK

A Security Officer, also known as a Security Guard, is responsible for ensuring the safety of the property, company, group, or individuals they are assigned to protect. Their responsibilities include keeping watch on the site, dealing with threats and inappropriate behaviour, responding to emergencies, and keeping note of all on-site happenings. But what exactly can […]

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When Do You Need Security Guards?

Security guards have become a more common sight in recent years. From banks to events or simply in the background when someone notable is around, we often see them without realising we see them.  But when are the occasions that a business might need security guards? Professional security guard services In the UK, anyone serving […]

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Tips to Protect Your Land from Trespassers

Trespassing may seem like a minor crime carried out by youths and neighbourhood cats, but trespassing can be the start of a stressful and costly period for property owners. If you own property that is often left unattended for long periods, it can become a magnet for brazen squatters claiming squatters’ rights. The truth is […]

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Guide: SIA Licensing Explained

What is SIA? What is the difference between SIA licenses? What license do you need for different events? Where to get training How to apply for a license How to renew your license How to choose a security company for your event When you hire someone in the security industry, you expect a certain level […]

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