Why do we Need Security Guards?

When running a business or event, there is always risk of criminal activity or disorderly behaviour. Therefore, it is important to be more vigilant about what’s going on in your environment.

Having a security guard will provide protection and a sense of security. Guards can implement crowd control, deter against theft, and maintain overall security. Whether it be for your family, business, personal assets, or employees, having security guard protection is vital.

There are many advantages to hiring a security company for your business or personal needs, which will be further explored here. 

Security guards

Deter crime

Having security guards present is a sure way to act as a visual deterrent for any criminal activity. Security guards go through specific training in order to work in the field.

This training includes recognising and identifying any suspicious activity which could have an impact on the environment or civilians around. Moreso, hiring security will intimidate any criminals and help prevent them from committing any crimes.

Sense of security

Whether you are running a business, holding an event, or need personal protection, hiring a security guard gives you peace of mind. Knowing there is a security system in place will ensure people’s minds are at ease, aware there is a trained professional available for protection where necessary. This in turn creates a secure environment for your customers or employees.

Customer services 

If you are running a business, having a guard is a visual way of showing your clients, customers, and employees that you care about their safety, consequently, ensuring all individuals feel safe and secure in your working environment.

Similarly, if you are holding an event, having guards in place will create more ease for all individuals as they know they will not have to be concerned for their safety. 

Another advantage of security guards at an event is the assistance they can give to customers in need. This could be guiding someone who is looking for directions, assisting with any dangers arising for individuals, or acting as an overall point of call for information and advice for any consumers. Security guards have a vital role in implementing customer service at any event.

Crowd control

If your business or event holds large crowds of people, hiring security for these areas is integral to customer safety.

For instance, if you own a nightclub or bar, having a security guard staffing the entrance will maintain control over who is entering the building, whilst also benefiting from most guards being trained in searching individuals for any hazardous objects. In addition, they can filter through the queue of people to help prevent overcrowding.

Likewise, if you are running an event with large crowds of people, security is essential in keeping in line with health and safety regulations. Maintaining good behaviour in bigger crowds, monitoring traffic control and deterring any unsafe practices in big crowds.


Not all guards are hired for physical patrols of an area. Hiring security to monitor surveillance footage is a great way to ensure maximum protection of any goods on your property.

Another benefit of having a guard monitor any CCTV footage is guaranteeing quick response to any unusual or unsafe behaviour within your working environment. If any criminal activity were to arise, you have the security of knowing there is a trained professional monitoring the situation and ready to act immediately.

Quick response 

Security guards undergo in depth training on how to handle emergencies. This includes medical disasters, as well as minor and major emergencies. Having security available on site will mean that, if an emergency were to occur, there are security officers available to respond quickly and correctly to the situation.

Additionally, security guards will be fully trained in all correct emergency exits and any emergency kits that may be required in specific instances.

Types of security

There are many types of security available in order to cater to all security needs. Each guard undergoes specific training for all security sectors. It is important to know the different types of security guards available so you can hire the correct support for your circumstance. 

Unarmed guards

These are the most common types of security guard. These guards are trained in general security duties ranging from managing and monitoring security cameras and equipment, conducting foot patrols, controlling access to facilities, and many more.

Mobile guards

This type of guard is hired to patrol certain areas on foot or in a vehicle. Mobile guards are in charge of implementing parking rules and regulations, as well as being responsible for any criminal activities within their patrol area.

Residential guards 

This type of guard is hired to patrol residential areas and help deter any crime. Other responsibilities of a residential guard would be to take part in neighbourhood watch programmes, respond to neighbourhood security incidents, and conduct night watches of the area.

Industrial and Construction guards  

Facilities such as warehouses and construction sites are usually home to valuable materials and products, therefore, requiring on-site security.

Executive guards 

This type of security will be hired in the event of needing protection for VIPs – also known as bodyguards -executive guards can protect celebrities and anyone with a high status.

Event guards

Large event venues require security in order to meet health and safety regulations. Event guards are responsible for maintaining crowd control, control access to venues, and deter any criminal activity or bad behaviour that may develop in a large crowd.

Should I hire a security guard?

Hiring security guards has many benefits for your business or event. Providing a sense of safety vital for your customers and employees and ensures a clear line of defence for people’s safety. 

Hiring security should not be taken lightly, so look to the experts to help ensure your security guard needs are correctly implemented. 

Here at Able investigations, we offer fully trained security guards for all security sectors. Get in contact today to speak with a professional.


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