How Much is it to Hire a Security Guard?

A security guard is hired to protect a place or person and ensure any individuals and or things are not harmed.

They can also be employed to implement crowd control at events or work as door staff at venues. Hiring security services will ensure control over any events that may occur, keeping the environment safe and secure. 

When hiring any security personnel, a question we are often asked is “How much is it to hire a security guard? However, this is not a one sentence answer as there are many factors that will affect the price of this service. In this blog, these subjects will be explored further.

How much does a security guard cost? 

To put it simply, general security guarding can cost anything from £10-£25 an hour. However, it is important to know that the price will vary depending on many different factors.

Generally, the average cost of hiring a security guard is reasonably priced as these roles tend to fall in line with the minimum living wage. However, for certain roles such as private protection or armed security, it is likely that the cost will be much higher.

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Factors that can affect pricing 

As mentioned, when hiring a security team, pricing can vary depending on certain factors, these could be:

The number of security guards

When hiring any security guard service, it is vital to know the number of guards that will be needed to ensure your assets are secure and properly protected. Naturally, any additional security you require will mean a higher cost. 


Venue type 

The type of venue is another reason for cost adjustment. Linking into the above factor of the number of security guards required, a larger venue will call for additional guards.

Similarly, high risk events mean more access points which may need protection. This can affect the cost of hiring the security you need.


The length of time you require security will impact cost significantly. Many security guard services charge at an hourly rate for one off events, meaning the more hours you hire security for, the cost will increase.

Alternatively, long-term contracts for full time positions are available with most companies. A deal will usually be created to ensure you are achieving the most cost-effective method. 

In addition, hiring security at short notice will impact the pricing as the security company will have to find cover quickly. Hiring any security services during peak times will mean you are quoted at a much higher rate as all security will be in high demand. 


Location will be a key influence on the cost to hire, as it will for any service you require when holding an event.  Security hire rates also vary depending on the different crime rates of that area. 

When looking at statistics it is proven that in areas such as London (high crime rate area), a security guard earns 11.0% more than the average rate. 

Experience and Training

Parallel to most careers, a security guard with more experience and training will usually result in a higher cost. Hiring a guard with vast experience in different environments will have more benefits to your company, therefore meaning the cost to hire will increase. 

Equally, security with any additional training, such as: first aid, combat, fire safety and more, will be of more value to a customer, making their services more expensive but worth the investment.

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Duties and service

Another main factor that can alter the price you pay is the type of security you require, and their duties while working for you. 

Some different types of security officers are:

Un commissioned Officers

Commonly known as unarmed guards, are one of the most regularly used types of security. Main responsibilities for unarmed guards range from foot patrols, monitoring security cameras and equipment, controlling access to venues, and ensuring general safety and order. 

Mobile Guards 

This type of security guard will perform mobile patrols of the premises of a facility or venue in a vehicle. Their responsibilities include enforcing road and parking regulations, whilst also having a constant responsibility to deal with any behaviour or crime issues in their patrol area.

Residential Guards

These types of guards help within the community of a residential area, to deter crime, assist with neighbourhood watch programs and conduct night watch.

Construction Guards

Industrial facilities and construction sites require on-site security. These premises usually contain materials, products and certain equipment that have high value, therefore security protection is necessary.

Retail Guards

The role of retail security is to monitor retail locations and prevent any theft and suspicious activity within the retail store.

Executive Guards

This type of security is usually hired as private security for VIPs, e.g.: celebrities and politicians.

Event Guards

In large venues or crowds, security is essential in keeping in line with health and safety regulations. Maintaining good behaviour in bigger crowds, monitoring traffic control and deterring any unsafe practices in big crowds.

All these different roles and duties will impact the cost to hire a security guard. 

What to look for when hiring a security guard

When hiring a security guard, it is important to look out for a few things. The main one is whether the security official holds the correct licence. This certifies that they are properly trained and qualified to perform their service. 

Another key thing to look out for when hiring a security team is experience and reputation. Depending on the job you are hiring for, experience is always vital to check up on. Be sure you do not hire an individual not correctly suited for the job due to lack of experience. 

Similarly, reputation plays a huge factor in the hiring process. You want to employ someone who you can trust, with a strong repute from previous work. 

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Why hire security? 

Hiring security guards has many benefits, by giving your business an added level of protection and safety. 

Having security guards present acts as a huge deterrent to any criminal activity. Ensuring any events run smoothly and all correct health and safety measures are carried out correctly. 

However, hiring your security should not be taken lightly and for peace of mind it is always a good idea to look to the experts to ensure the best outcome.

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