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Can I use CRAR to recover rent from a subtenant?

When you let a commercial property, it is important to maintain a regular cash flow through regular rent payments. However, there are situations when the tenants fail to pay, and in this case, recovering what you are owed isn’t always straightforward. Subtenants One of the situations that landlords often find themselves in is recovering rent […]

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How long is a CCJ enforceable for?

If you have managed to enforce on a person or business that owes you money, you may wonder how much time you have to get your money. According to the Limitation Act, a creditor can only pursue an outstanding County Court Judgement for six years from the date of the judgement without having to ask […]

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Is there an easy way to recover outstanding rent?

Collecting outstanding rent from commercial tenants is never an easy task, but with the right kind of professional help, you can recover commercial rent arrears with excellent results. As there are several statutory procedures available for this purpose in the UK, it is important to know the differences between them and choose the right one […]

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