What to do when squatters reside in your holiday park

As winter is often ‘down season’ for holiday parks, they can easily become targets for squatters. Once these uninvited guests have taken up residence it can be difficult to remove them, so if you are a holiday park owner your approach should be two-fold.

  1. Do all you can to prevent squatters entering the premises

Make sure all windows and doors are locked when you wind up for the season. Invest in a decent alarm system that is fitted in a prominent position to deter intruders. If they do attempt to enter the property you will be alerted right away. If there is no evidence of forced entry, squatters cannot be treated as burglars by the police, so make sure you do all you can to stop them getting in without forcing a door or window.

It is worth visiting the resort regularly even in the off-season so that you become aware of squatters at the earliest opportunity if they do enter your property.

  1. Get professional help if you discover squatters have taken up residence.

Attempting to evict squatters without assistance could escalate the situation. A confrontation could end up in damage to the property, injuries to you and legal action if a squatter sues you for assault of any kind. They are likely to know the relevant law (Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977).

Your best option is to call an enforcement company to legally evict squatters without having to obtain a court order. Using reasonable force, and with a police presence to keep the peace, an enforcement officer should be able to gain access to the property safely and with minimal damage to your property. This is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of squatters and the cost is likely to be much lower than the long list of repairs needed should the commercial squatters remain at your holiday park for any length of time.

Able Investigations can help

The team at Able Investigations has a proven track record of legally repossessing commercial properties across England and Wales. We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the eviction process is as peaceful as possible.

All of our officers hold an enforcement licence issued by the local county court. We should be able to regain possession of your land and property within 48 hours of receiving your call. If you currently have squatters at your holiday park, do not delay. The sooner they are removed the better it will be for you and your property. Contact us today on 0345 366 0000 for more information and advice.


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