Able Investigations featured in RICS Land Journal

In a recent article by Steve Wood, our managing director, published in the Land Journal, we discussed the difficulties surrounding trespassers who are living on your private land.

The article, which can be read in the December 2016/January 2017 copy, details how landowners should approach the discovery of trespasser and how as the land is private, they do not need to adhere to the Human Rights Act of 1998. Instead, evictions can be carried out by professionals using Common Law, ensuring a quick recovery of land.

Covering the correct procedure to remove trespassers from private land, we hope the article makes it easier for owners to understand what they need to do to recover their property and land. We discuss how our processes can help recovery with minimal disruption and the option of using tort of trespasser to seek damages and obtain injunctions that prevent further trespass.

Land Journal

Case Study

The article also covers a case study written about on our website in April this year where we had to evict difficult and aggressive trespassers from a private car park. In order to do so, our team had to use our training and experience with evictions and dealing with trespassers who act violently and aggressively to assess the situation and determine a police presence was required.

Read Steve’s article in the RICS Land Journal.

For more information about how Able Investigations can assist in the removal of trespassers and land repossessions, please speak to a member of our team. Call us on 0345 366 0000 or email [email protected]

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