Merits of outsourcing legal papers

When it comes to serving legal papers, the time limit is a crucial factor. It is not uncommon for an entire legal case to hinge on whether papers were served within the stipulated timeframe or not, as well as adhere to the correct legal procedures.

It is these challenges that have made it prudent for law firms to outsource the process service. Outsourcing ensures that papers are served quickly and efficiently, while being accurate. At the same time, the chances of someone not showing up in court because they were not served are significantly diminished.

Outsourcing benefits

Here are some of the ways an outsourced process service benefits a law firm:

Quick and efficient service

Legal papers must be served as soon as possible, and outsourcing can help speed up serving papers. Process serving agencies have the necessary resources to oversee the papers are served in person where possible, to the correct party whether it’s a home or business address, within the required time frame. This will reduce the risk of a case being thrown out of court due to the time constraint or falsely filed documents.

Correct legal procedures

Alongside the legal papers, the necessary court documents need to be completed to avoid jeopardising the case. With a professional process serving company, you can rest assured that all the correct legal procedures will be followed as they will have an advanced understanding of the relevant legislation and Court Procedure Rules.

Sufficient evidence

With outsourced process serving, you will have all the correct documentation to support the case. Depending on the court case, this could be a professional certificate, statement or Affidavit of Service which acts as proof that the legal papers were served on time and by following the correct protocols.

At Able Investigations, we provide extremely effective process serving. We charge a fixed fee of £125 plus VAT with up to 3 visits per instruction and all documents are served within 24 hours. To find out more, give our experienced team a call on 0345 366 0000 or email us at [email protected].

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