How outsourcing can help speed up serving papers

With serving legal papers, timing is imperative. Typically, serving a court order will require a specific time limit and schedule, and if the papers are not served within the time, you could jeopardise the whole case. This is why outsourcing process serving to a third party can be really beneficial for a quick and timely service.

Cannot serve yourself

If you are the person taking legal action, you cannot serve papers yourself. This means you must find a third party, not involved with the case, to serve the papers on your behalf. A friend or relative can serve them for you, however outsourcing to a professional agency will mean that there is no confusion or time delay. For example, a professional can help you establish the type of witness statement you require and knows how many days you have to serve papers.

Court documentation

With legal papers, you must have filled in the correct documentation in order for the process serving to be successful. It can sometimes be unclear to someone who does not have experience with serving papers as to which court documents are needed, which takes more time to complete and understand. An agency, both qualified and experienced with process serving, will be able to assist you in acquiring all the correct legal documents quickly.

Court Procedure Rules

Not only will an enforcement agency have an understanding of the legal documents, but they will know the Court Procedure Rules. Serving papers without a prior knowledge of all the up-to-date legislation to comply with, could be detrimental to the case and may jeopardise it entirely. Outsourcing also means you will be provided with a certificate, statement or affidavit to provide evidence to the court that the papers were served, within the time limit.

Able Investigations is a certificated enforcement agency that specialises in process serving. We serve legal documents within 24 hours, ensuring a timely and efficient service. Where possible, we serve papers personally for your own peace of mind. For more information, you can call our team on 0345 366 0000.

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