How to deal with repeat protesters/travellers

Removing protesters and activists from your property is often a procedure that takes time and may take a toll on your business if not carried out quickly and professionally. If you need to recover possession of your land by removing any protesters or activists that have been there repeatedly, Able Enforcements are here to help.
Activists and protesters often cause significant costs for land owners and local authorities, and as such, you may want to be offered an easy and efficient eviction service that permits quick land recovery while minimising the likelihood of activists and protesters returning to the site.

How do activists and protesters disrupt a property?

No matter why your land has been occupied by activists and protesters or even travellers, there are multiple methods by which they can cause significant disruption. These may include damage to the buildings, there are times when illegal occupiers will damage internal walls and ceilings looking to enter other parts of the building. As well as destroy the facade of a building with graffiti.
Moreover, activists and protesters that decide to spend a significant amount of time on your property may also cause Environmental damage to the land, by building encampments, blockades or tunnelling. Sometimes, they leave an enormous amount of human waste and rubbish behind, and they may also generate negative publicity for your organisation, something we can help to avoid.
How can Able Enforcement help deal with protesters?

When the time comes that you need to remove Protesters and activists from your land, Able Enforcements can assist you by using either common law or a writ of possession. If you only have land occupied, you can instruct us to remove activists and protesters under common law, which means that we do not need to obtain a court order to carry out the removal. Keep in mind that before we proceed, we need to identify the land on a local authority plan land registry map, plus a proper due Diligence report. We will also liaise with the local police to determine local intelligence.
Another option, if it is not just land that is being occupied, is to remove trespassers from your land or property by applying for a County Court Order under Part 55 Civil Procedure Rules, we would then transfer this to the High Court, to Obtain a Writ of Possession. This is a more time-consuming option, and can take up to ten days, depending on how quick a solicitor can act for you. We do work with a Public Access Barrister with whom we can instruct on your behalf.
We offer a complete service in partnership with Specialist Group International, who deal with Lock-ons, people in trees, and at height. To remove protesters and will ensure to carry out a risk evaluation before taking action. This means that we can identify and deal with situations where protesters & activists have locked themselves to structures or used cement to secure themselves. In extreme cases we may have to use a team of professional tree climbers or tunnellers to remove the protesters from your land.

How does Able Enforcements make sure the protesters and activists do not return?

After the removal of protesters and activists, we advise any landowner to secure the site thoroughly in order to prevent any further disruption or occupation. Options that we find effective include security guards, a border wall or fence, and installation of CCTV and remote monitoring. We have our own security team that can advise you on the best ways to secure your land or property in order to prevent reoccupation in the future.
Our team are extremely experienced in dealing with protesters and activists in all situations, our Officers are specially trained in Public Order tactics to ensure that we maintain order and the clients reputation .

You can find more information and tips about Traveller removal by clicking on the ‘Removing travellers: The complete guide‘.

We keep the reputation of the company that is being protested in mind to avoid bad press sometimes associated with poorly carried out evictions. If you require help with the removal of protesters and activists then get in touch with our team by calling 0345 366 0000 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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