How long will it take to remove protestors from my land?

Trespassing political protestors and eco warriors can be an uncomfortable situation if they are found on your land. There are certain procedures that must be followed in order to remove trespassers both legally and efficiently, and it will depend on the chosen method as to how long it will take to remove these protestors.

Common Law

Common Law is often the quickest route when attempting to remove trespassers from your land. The process typically begins with a ‘notice to quit’ to the protestors, which is a notification of the intent to remove them from the land under Common Law. This allows the protestors some time to make alternative arrangements and depart, usually 24 hours or a time deemed suitable by the enforcement officers.

During this time, suitable arrangements are organised in the event that the trespassers do not leave your land within the time schedule such as a larger team of certificated bailiffs or tow trucks to remove vehicles. If this is the case following the set time limit, the enforcement team will act under Common Law and remove protestors from the land using no more force than is necessary. We expect to remove trespassers from your land within 48 hours using this method.

Court Order

Applying for a possession order through the court is another route. By obtaining an order for possession, you can transfer this to the High Court and receive a writ of possession. This process takes longer and is more costly, however, once transferred to the High Court, you can enforce removal of protestors by the writ of possession. This method is longer however as soon as a writ of possession is received, an enforcement team can act immediately and remove protestors using reasonable force.

When attempting to remove protestors and trespassers from your land, it is essential that you understand the laws surrounding safe removal. Able Investigations have a vast knowledge and understanding of land repossessions and will be able to assist you in removing protestors quickly and legally. For more information, call our team on 0845 370 7401.

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