How much does it cost to make a court claim?

Having to make a claim in the courts can be a costly procedure, however, it can often be the best solution when you need to recover debts, carry out an eviction, or remove trespassers from your land. Before you begin court proceedings, it is worth familiarising yourself with how much court claims cost, and if there are any alternative solutions available.

Possession Claims

If you need to apply for a possession claim because you need to recover outstanding rent, then the initial cost is £325. Applications can be made online, or alternatively you can apply by post. Using the online system means you can easily monitor the status of your claim and quickly know when it has been processed.

Claim for money

If you need to make a court claim to recover money owed, then the amount you pay depends on the amount you are owed, how you apply for the claim, and if you know the exact amount you are claiming or not.

Fees for claims where you do not know the exact claim amount begin at £500, whereas claims for debts where you know the exact amount are considerably cheaper. For the majority of claims, you can reduce the cost of your court fees by using the government’s Money Claim Online as opposed to sending a form to the courts.

Fees for exact sum claims begin at £25 for debts of up to £300 and those higher than £10,000 will cost a percentage of the amount owed. If the sum is more than £100,000, you will not be able to use the online claim form, and will instead need to submit a form to the court centre.

Additional Charges and Reclaiming Costs

The court fees you will have to pay will differ from case to case, and you may find that you will face additional charges if your claim is taken to a court hearing or you need to enforce a judgement. However, you may be able to claim the costs of your fees back if you successfully win the case.


In some situations, you do not need to submit a claim to the courts to recover debts, carry out an eviction, or remove trespassers, and can instead use an enforcement agency who can act under Common Law.

Enforcing a bailiff to help will still incur a cost, but this could be significantly lower and a far quicker process that making a claim through the courts.

If you are struggling with traveller eviction, trespassing, debt, or repossession issues and would like to find out how an enforcement agency can help, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0345 366 0000.

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