How Much Does it Cost for a Process Server?

When it comes to how much it costs to hire a process server, there are a few things to consider. A process server delivers significant documents to a person who has been summoned to court. Or it is the start of a legal process. Process servers don’t merely deliver paper documents, as many people believe. It is not just about delivering documents, but also about upholding an individual’s legal right to due process. 

As a consequence, they must take that job very seriously, and are classed as Court Officers, since not properly serving an individual can have serious consequences to the legal process. To handle these tasks effectively, many hire a private process server. People are often unaware of the cost of having important legal documents delivered when the time comes to serve someone. 

How much do process servers charge? 

This is a fee that will vary depending on the professional, their level of experience, the service they give, and any special circumstances they must take into consideration. You can expect to pay around £50-£200, but this can greatly fluctuate depending on what is included in the service. Along with which, you have to ask, if the price is at the lower end. Does the process server have insurance, registered with the Information Commissioners office, do they understand the Civil Procedures Rules. A process Server is not a glorified Postman, but a true professional. At times prices reveals the lack of professional standards.

What is included in the process server fees? 

It is the duty of process servers to serve each individual diligently. A process server may make multiple attempts to serve an individual, but may still be unable to do so. In most cases, the process server will outline exactly how many attempts they are going to make before completing the task.  Along with which a Professional Process server will not only understand CPR Rules, but be fully up to date with all possible methods & ways of serving a subject, such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

Document printing, court filing, and retrieval services might be considered value added or extra-charged services, depending on the company. This is why you should always look carefully into the server you hire and ensure their practice meets all your requirements. Don’t hire the cheapest option if you won’t be given the service you require. 

A process server will also be able to provide a detailed Witness Statement or Affidavit that can be used in court, to assist the Judge, by showing service has taken place or providing the Judge with the details of why either Substituted or Deemed service should be granted. If Documents are from certain countries they will often seek to have it notarised, as directed by law or court rules. 

What affects the cost to serve someone? 

There are many factors that affect how much a process server charges, but location is one of the most important ones. In most case a professional process Server will have a standard fee for three visits to ensure that all avenues have been exhausted before seeking further advice from the client. A tracing fee may be charged if an individual is difficult to find and no address can be determined. There may also be a charge for any additional attempts as well. However, none of these fees are put in place without seeking consent from the client first.

Do I need to pay extra for time-sensitive cases? 

If you need someone served as soon as possible, most process servers charge a same day fee. Creating a time demand in this way is a standard practice since there is often difficulty in catching defendants. Some process servers will differentiate different types of serves, whether it is a standard, a same-day serve, with different prices for each. 

Do I need to pay a process server up-front? 

Although process servers’ payment policies may vary depending on which company you choose, most charge up front – or at least partially – in order to ensure that they are compensated for their work.  However, in most cases solicitors, r legal firms will be invoiced for work done.

What’s included in the price of a process server? 

It is critical for the legal system to have process servers, since it’s their responsibility to assist with the protection of every citizen’s right to due process. Using the right firm can either make or break your case.

In other words, what is the appropriate price of this critical service? And how can you determine it when hiring? It all depends on context. And – as is the case with most things – you get what you pay for in process services. 

The promise of low-cost process servers may sound attractive,  however by employing a person who may not understand the process you may end up paying for illegitimate service, incurring more expenses if the service fails, or even experiencing a delay in legal proceedings at great expense. Remember the old adage buy cheap pay twice.

The Value of Experience 

Typically, members of law enforcement and any adults not directly involved in the case may provide service. However, hiring a specialist can make all the difference, especially in cases where access to the individual is difficult, or in cases where the service must be completed quickly. Plus, a professional process server will have many tools at their disposal such as access to database that may confirm telephone numbers etc.

Time is Money 

The timely completion of service is crucial to the success of your case, as well as to avoid drawing out litigation longer than it should and keep costs down. 

The cost of service may differ based if extra steps are required. This is particularly true if someone is difficult to identify or is purposely evasive. 

If the subject is very evasive or if a process server must conduct a surveillance to effectuate service when a person leaves or returns home, or if the process server must spend a significant amount of time tracking down a new address, you can expect to both wait longer and pay more. 

You may reduce the cost of process serving by giving them all of the information they need to complete the service. This might be the recipient’s recent addresses, such as their place of employment, house, or other areas they usually visit. Failed attempts can be costly with the wrong server. 

Choosing the Right Process Server 

Hiring an efficient and reliable process server is the best way to guarantee completed service. We are committed to providing you with updates every step of the way, ensuring that you receive a professional, thorough service at a fair price and as quickly as possible when you hire a process server with Able Investigations

The Price of Hiring Able Investigations 

One reason the process serving services are so cheap is that they only make one visit, they then charge you for the extra visits. Always ask what the fee includes if you are considering one of the cheaper options. 

We provide UK process serving at a fixed fee of £125.00 +VAT but also offer a 25% discount on all volume work, of over ten cases a week. 

For this price, you will also receive up to three visits and attempts to serve, all your documents reported within 24 hours, personalised reporting on your situation, out of hours assistance, high-quality service, evidenced by our ISO:9001 accreditation, and importantly, documented confirmation that your service is complete. Along with which our Process Servers are also Certificated Enforcement Officers, which add to their professionalism.

As always, it pays to hire the right person for the job. Contact us today to find out more about our quality process serving. 

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