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How Much Does it Cost for a Process Server?

When it comes to how much it costs to hire a process server, there are a few things to consider. A process server delivers significant documents to a person who has been summoned to court. Or it is the start of a legal process. Process servers don’t merely deliver paper documents, as many people believe. It is […]

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Legal documentation

What is a Process Server?

Process servers deliver significant legal documentation to the right person at the right time, whether this be an individual, a company, or organisation. They’re particularly helpful for cases in which the recipient can’t be tracked down, or if the recipient poses a threat to the papers’ sender.

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Should I serve papers myself?

When serving papers, it is vital that they are served in the right way to avoid lengthening court procedures and compromising your legal case. Regardless of the type of legal papers you need to serve, whether injunctions or eviction notices, you must serve them properly to avoid causing further complications for yourself. (more…)

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