What are the next steps if squatters return to my property?

If you have already gone through the process of removing squatters from your commercial property but have discovered that they have returned, then it is important to know the next steps that you should take to ensure that they are evicted and will not return again.

Which method was used initially?

The next steps you need to follow to evict returning squatters can differ depending on the initial method used to regain access to your property. During the first eviction process, you will have either chosen to remove squatters using an either IPO, a Court Order, or Common Law, which can mean it may be best to follow different procedures when removing them for a second time.

Common Law

If squatters were evicted using Common Law, yet have returned to your property, then the next step is usually to either use an IPO (Interim Possession Order) for a quicker eviction or apply for final order of possession. When applying for an IPO, you can also submit an application for final order of possession, which can take longer to process.


If you have previously evicted the squatters using an IPO, yet they have returned to the property then you should apply for a final order of possession, which when granted means that you can instruct a certificated bailiff to remove squatters from your commercial property.

Whichever way you are deciding to remove returning squatters from your commercial premises, it is a legal requirement to use a certificated enforcement officer to assist with the eviction.

Able Investigations are experienced in assisting landlords recover their properties and provide training to both police and legal professionals regarding Common Law and the removal of squatters. For more information about our services or to instruct us to evict squatters from your premises, please call us on 0345 366 0000.

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