What level of security do you need for your event?

Event security is more important than ever in the UK. As the organiser of an event, whether big or small, you have the responsibility to ensure that you contract security operatives who are equipped to handle your type of event and that you have enough guards for the size of your event. Ideally, security operatives in event scenarios must be able to respond dynamically to unfolding situations while maintaining a level head and protecting your event space.

So, what are the different types of security personnel you may need at your event?

• Door Supervisor – This license is vital for events that are licenced, operatives have intervention and conflict management skills.
• Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) – This license is required when a guard will be expected to use CCTV to monitor members of the public or identify specific people amongst event-goers.
• Close Protection – This license allows an operative to guard individuals against assault or injuries caused by others.
Security Guard – Security operatives whose activities don’t fall under the remit of the licenses above.

Typical event locations

Event locations are diverse and the type of security you need will depend on the tasks you need your operatives to undertake. Here are a few examples:

• Music gigs with an alcohol license – Operatives with a door supervisor licence would be required to be present at the event location. Close protection operatives may also be required for high profile guests.

• Public protests – Operatives with public space surveillance licenses might be involved if monitoring of CCTV is going to take place for security reasons, along with general security guards if no licensed premises are involved. Enhanced conflict management and physical intervention skills may be useful.
• Sports events – Operatives with door supervisor licenses if alcohol is served at the event, security guards are suitable if no alcohol is served.

All event security must conform to legal requirements – and that’s where many organisers run into difficulty. While you might be experts at what you do, it’s unlikely that this includes comprehensive knowledge about security legislation for all types of events. Turning to experts who deal with these issues every day could save you time and prevent you falling foul of the law. It’ll also ensure that your event goes without a hitch.

Our security division

Able Investigations provide trained security guards for events of all shapes and sizes. Not only do we have a thorough understanding of the legal requirements for different events, all our team are fully experienced and compliant with regular compulsory training to keep their skills sharp and relevant.

Our security guards have a Level 2 BTEC in handcuffing with restraint techniques and have received training from a very experienced retired police officer and Police Support Unit trainer, so you can rest assured that they can respond quickly to a complex or stressful situation that arises.

Security for your event

Event security is a complex business. Guards without appropriate training can easily become overwhelmed by scenarios they’ve never considered. Our security teams are only deployed when they have the right skills for the situation. Plus, if you’re uncertain about your security requirements, we’re happy to discuss them with you so you understand exactly what you need and why.

For more information about event security or for advice for an upcoming event you may be organising, you can call us on 0345 366 0000. Alternatively, you can email us or use our online contact form and we will get back to you.

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