How to serve a Court Order

Serving Court Orders in the UK is a complex process. There are several ways in which a Court Order may be served. Some can be mailed to a given address, however others must be delivered in person. Making sure that the correct process for each Court Order is followed will ensure that there are no problems in the future with executing the order.

How can Court Orders be served?

Some Court Orders may be served via First Class post, however in some cases, personal service is the best way to ensure that the recipient has received the documentation. When standard mail is used, the intended recipient may be able to deny ever receiving the Order. Whichever method is used to serve the papers, it is vital to ensure that they are delivered to the right address.

Serving papers on time

Whichever method of delivery is used, it is always essential to make sure that the Court Order is served to the intended recipient within the correct specified time limit. This will vary depending on the nature of the Court Order.

In many cases, strict time limits are in place regarding the service of Court Orders. In these cases, the deemed date of service, (or the date on which the papers were believed to have been served) will be very relevant to the court proceedings.

The deemed date of service is the day on which the Court Order was physically given to the recipient in the case of personal service, if the Order was served before 4pm. After this time, the deemed date of service will be the next business day. If the Court Order was posted by First Class mail or sent by email, the deemed date of service will be the second day following postage. Meanwhile, if the document was left at a specified address, the deemed date of service will be the following business day.

If the Court Order is not received on time, the case may be thrown out of court which could cause a host of problems. Therefore, using the services of a Process Service company is always wise.

Court Order Service by Experienced Process Servers

The best way to ensure Court Orders are correctly served in a timely manner is to use the services of experienced Process Servers. Able Investigations can make certain your Court Orders are served in the correct manner and at the right time so you can avoid the expense of a wasted hearing and the time-consuming process of having to serve the Order for a second time.

Once Able Investigations’ experienced Process Server has served your Court Order documentation, you will be provided with certification to confirm the time and date on which the documents were served on the recipient as proof of service. This will ensure that your case will not be thrown out of court and that due process will be carried through without any problems.

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