How to evict squatters from a commercial property

Commercial properties left empty are vulnerable to becoming occupied by squatters. The discovery of squatters in a commercial property is not an ideal situation for any landlord, and those who have found squatters in their premises will likely want to have them removed quickly.

Landlords should be aware that there are procedures regarding the eviction of commercial squatters that must be followed and that failing to follow these can potentially see landlords facing criminal charges. Avoid further escalating the issue by ensuring that those squatting in your premises are evicted properly and legally.

What procedures should landlords follow?

Landlords needing to evict squatters must follow the correct procedures to avoid further problems. While they may not need a Court Order to evict squatters, they must use an Enforcement Agency to carry out the eviction.

An Enforcement Agency can determine how the situation should be dealt with and whether it requires an Interim Possession Order (IPO), a Court Order, or whether squatters can be evicted under Common Law.

How will an Enforcement Officer help?

Once contacted, an Enforcement Officer can quickly determine the correct way to evict the squatters from a property and whether an IPO or Court Order is required to carry out the eviction.

Enforcement Officers that hold a County Court issued Enforcement Licence can carry out legal evictions with or without a Court Order, depending on individual circumstances. They can legally evict squatters providing they can access the property without being accosted by a squatter and that only reasonable force is used.

Will the police be present during the eviction?

There is no legal requirement for the police to be present when an Enforcement Officer is carrying out an eviction, but having the police in attendance will ensure that no breach of the peace occurs.

If you require assistance with evicting squatters from your commercial premises then please get in touch. We specialise in evicting commercial squatters and can act quickly and legally to help you regain possession of your commercial property.

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