How to deal with returning squatters

Squatters returning to live in your commercial premises despite already being evicted means you need to restart the eviction process and look at ways to secure your property and prevent re-entry.

Evicting returning squatters

The way you deal with returning squatters depends on whether they have previously occupied the premises or are a new group inhabiting your premises. If it is a new group of squatters occupying your commercial premises, then you need to start from the very beginning of the eviction process and instruct your bailiffs to enforce on your behalf.

If it is a returning group who you have previously evicted, then you may need to restart the eviction process from where you’ve left off. If you haven’t already evicted the squatters under an IPO, then you will need to obtain one from your local County Court. If you have already obtained an IPO or an Order of Possession and it is the same group of squatters re-entering the property, then they are breaking the law and can be arrested for entering or remaining in the property.

Preventing re-entry

Once the squatters have been evicted, you need to ensure that under no circumstances they can re-enter the building. This should be done using a number of long term and short term fixes. Firstly, you should ensure there is onsite security during the eviction and the interim after to ensure no one unauthorised can enter the premises.

Installation of sturdy locks and fixing or boarding up any broken windows will mean anyone subsequently entering the premises can be charged with the criminal offense of breaking and entering. Once the premises is secure, you may decide to look at renting the space or occupying it to prevent the property from becoming a future target. Schemes like the Property Guardians help protect and secure your property by renting it out temporarily for people to live in or work from.

If you’re struggling with squatters returning to your property, then speak to the team at Able Investigations. Our team of certificated enforcement agents are experienced in evicting squatters from commercial premises, so call us on 0345 366 0000 for more information.

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