How can I protect my private land from travellers?

If you are a land owner seeking advice with regards to protecting your property from travellers, you will be happy to find out that there are multiple ways to protect your private property from travellers who may want to set up camp there.

Local councils in the UK recognise and accept the right of travellers, but they also need that the people on whose land camping takes place in an unauthorised way. This means that there are multiple legal ways to remove travellers from your property. However, the best way to avoid these sorts of problems is to protect your private land from travellers in the first place.

Increasing the security of your property

Security cameras and guards are some of the most effective ways to protect your private land from unauthorised camping. Depending on the size and location of your land, you may need to install multiple security cameras and use more than one guard. If these solutions are too costly or not suitable for your private land, you may want to look into securing your land with bollards and using natural obstacles like trees or water to make unauthorised entrance to the land harder.

Types of obstacles to protect your private land

Multiple kinds of obstacles can be used, but you will need to first take into account the location of your land as well as its size and shape. Start by having a good look at the boundary of the land and decide how you would go about getting onto it with a van or other type of vehicle. Because trespassers may remove feeble barriers, consider more permanent solutions that can act as deterrents.

The obstacles that you use should be of such a nature that they cannot be moved easily, even with towing equipment. Some options include concrete filled tyre stacks, boulders, or a large tree trunk. Landowners may choose to use these kinds of obstacles separately or combine them to achieve secure results depending on the position of their land.

Fencing solutions

Some landlords are worried about the detrimental effect of such obstacles on the visual appeal of the area, and for them fencing may be a better option. However, take into account that even though fencing is a much more visually appealing solution, it will most likely also be much costlier. The most effective type of fencing is steel palisade, but this can prove to be an expensive option, especially if the land is sizeable. Another solution is a wooden fancy, which is pleasing to the eye but may be also quite vulnerable to damage.

Gate and height barrier options

Robust gates made of metal with the option of padlocks are another solution to protect your property against travellers. However, make sure the gate cannot be lifted off the hinge as travellers have been known to remove such obstacles by exploiting this weakness in design. Height barriers are further solutions that can work well in combination with gates. If you use these, ensure that their height is configured in a way that can deter an average sized caravan trailer.

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Able Investigations’ team of certificated enforcement officers is extremely experienced in dealing with both the removal of travellers settling on private land and prevention of them entering your private land in the first place. For more information on how we can help advise against unauthorised entry or carry out traveller evictions call our team on 0345 366 0000 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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