Dealing with squatters in unoccupied premises

If you have found you have squatters residing in your unoccupied commercial premises, then it is likely you are concerned about deterioration and damage to the premises. If damage to the building and its contents is one of your main worries, then it is essential squatters are evicted calmly in a professional manner to avoid vandalism and criminal damage.

How can you evict squatters from your unoccupied premises?

Squatting in a commercial premises is not currently illegal, however, if squatters have broken into the building, are causing damage while occupying the property, are stealing building’s content or using utilities without permission it is illegal. This means, that without proof of a crime being committed, the police cannot take legal action.

Instead, building owners should instruct an enforcement officer to evict the squatters on their behalf. An enforcement agency, like ours, will advise on the best course of action to take and inform you whether squatters can be evicted using Common Law, or whether a court order should be obtained.

The Process

Once instructed, we can visit the property to see whether we can gain access without being accosted by one of the squatters. If we can safely do so, then we can legally evict occupants providing no more than reasonable force is used. If this process is not possible, then we will advise on the Court Order required and assist throughout.

Once the squatters are evicted, we can assist with securing the premises to help prevent re-entry and provide services to remove any possessions and rubbish left behind by the squatters.

Our team will always advise on the quickest route to evicting squatters and regaining control of your property and will request police presence where necessary. For more information about the services our enforcement agency offers, please speak to a member of our team by calling 0345 366 0000.

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