Able Investigations assist local church group in tricky eviction

Recently, we were tasked with helping a local charity regain control of their property near the city centre. A complex situation arose when squatters occupied the building. From then on, a local minister took steps to request occupants leave the premises, however, after they refused to leave a court order was approved.

Complex Situation

The premises, which is located in Old Market, consist of two separate buildings with access between the two after adjoining walls were partially knocked through several decades ago. The Methodist Centre owns one of the buildings, with the other being owned by Bristol City Council and leased to the church.

Previously, the premises was used by the church group to provide assistance to homeless people sleeping rough in and around Bristol by providing support and meals. The Methodist Centre relocated in 2015 to a location that could better accommodate their charitable work, leaving the property vacant while waiting to leave the lease with the council and prepare the property for sale.

Squatters occupied the building in November 2015 in protest of Bristol current housing crisis, causing a serious financial impact for the Methodist Centre.

Obtaining an Eviction Order

As the squatters refused to leave despite requests from the church group, court procedures began which resulted in the church being granted an eviction order. This meant that the group could instruct Able Investigation’s certificated High Court enforcement officers to enter the premises and evict the squatters.

To read more about this story, read this article in the Bristol Post.

Able Investigations is a team of fully trained enforcement officers who work in Bristol and throughout the UK. Our experienced team have helped many local and national businesses evict trespassers on their commercial land, from the removal of eco-protestors to the eviction of squatters. If your business requires assistance from professional bailiffs and an enforcement agency, please get in touch by calling 0345 366 0000 .

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