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How long will it take for you to remove squatters?

Discovering squatters in your commercial premises can be distressing, especially if they have left your premises in a state of disrepair.

That is why our enforcement team will work to remove commercial squatters as quickly as possible. You do not necessarily need to go through a court procedure to remove squatters and can instead act under Common Law. This means that there is a possibility for our enforcement team to successfully remove squatters from your premises within 24-48 hours of instruction.

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How do you evict squatters?

We endeavour to evict squatters in the quickest way possible while complying with the law.

After being instructed by a client, our team of experienced, certificated enforcement officers will take the first steps to evict squatters from a commercial premises. We will visit the premises to request that the squatters vacate the premises. Providing that no more than reasonable force is used, and we can gain access to the property without being accosted, we can legally evict there and then.

Should we be unable to evict, we will then advise on the next appropriate step to take, which could mean obtaining a Court Order.

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Can you remove squatters by force?

Under Common Law we can only remove squatters using no more than reasonable force.

If we are unable to remove squatters using no more than reasonable force, or feel that the situation is no longer safe for all parties, then we will request a police presence.

In many circumstances we will request a police presence to avoid a breach of the peace.

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