Security Guards in Oxfordshire

Able Investigations has a dedicated security service with unrivalled experience in providing protection and surveillance for events and businesses in the UK.

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At Able Investigations, our Security officers are not only trained to handle day-to-day surveillance, entry regulation, and keeping the peace, but for any situations which may involve conflict.

Able Security guards have a full understanding of the law, a wealth of experience in contentious situations, and the knowledge to reduce the risk of disturbance, injury or complications.

Fully Trained Security Guards

Just some of the training our security guards receive includes:

  • Tactical training for situations such as stadium riots and money surveilance
  • Level 2 BTEC in handcuffing with restraint techniques
  • Specialist support from a retired Police Support Unit Trainer
  • Instruction on any legislation relevant to events, citizens arrests, and interacting with the public

a group of enforcement officers

“Can we pass on our sincere thanks and best wishes to all of your officers who were a credit to your company in the face of vile comments and threats.  Their professionalism throughout was very much appreciated, and we will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others in similar circumstances.”

-Alex G, H&G Hollinshead

Security teams for Oxford, The Cotswolds, and Beyond

If you’re facing a situation where you, your business, or your property may be under threat from groups such as protestors, or an event where a breach in security may compromise the safety of those there, our security division are fully capable of defusing conflict and maintaining order.

We work across the UK and beyond, but have our headquarters in the south of England.

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