How outsourcing helps make dealing with land repossession easier

Using a certificated enforcement agency to reclaim possession of your land and evict illegal occupants is an efficient and easy way for landowners to successfully deal with land repossession. Those who decide to use an enforcement agency and ‘outsource’ benefit from a quick and professional service.

Quick Repossessions

Upon discovery of land being illegally occupied, most landowners will want to quickly repossess and regain access to their land. By using a certified enforcement agent to carry out land repossessions, owners do not have to go through the courts so avoid lengthy procedures. Utilising the services and expertise of an enforcement agent means that landowners can expect to regain possession of their land within 24 to 48 hours.

Complying with the Law

Using a Certificated enforcement agent to help you repossess your land means that landowners will be complying with current UK legislation. Able Investigations’ Officers hold County Court issued Enforcement Licences and operate under Common Law and Section 77 of the Local Authorities Act. Our extensive knowledge of the law means that we are able to safely and legally remove illegal occupants of land in a variety of circumstances, including traveller evictions where additional legislation must be adhered to.

Continual Assistance

Able Investigations can provide continual assistance in the legal removal of individuals occupying land. Whether it is a one off removal, or whether you require long term assistance, Able Investigations offers quick response assistance and can regain possession of your land in 24-48 hours of instruction. We regularly work with local authorities and landowners and provide in-house training to the police and legal professionals on legislation surrounding removing squatters and protesters from a site.

For more information about our services for successful land repossessions, please speak to a member of our professional team by calling 0345 366 0000.

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