How long does an interim possession order last for?

Interim possession orders are a quick option to remove people occupying property without the owner’s consent. Because it is an ‘interim’ order, it is a fast track option but only temporary until a full possession order can have a hearing in court. You must apply for both an interim order and a full Order of Possession when requiring removal of illegal occupiers.

This means both a N130 form and N5 form is required to give to the court when presenting your case, as with all the necessary information and documents.

The result of an IPO

If an interim possession order (IPO) is granted, papers must be served to the occupiers within 24 hours of issue. They then have 24 hours to vacate the premises. After this time, it is a criminal offence to re-squat.

The expiration date

As you must apply for both an IPO and an Order of Possession, you will be given a ‘return date’ which will be the court case for the final Order of Possession hearing. The interim possession order will subsequently end on this return date. The length of time between the IPO and Order of Possession court hearing will vary. At this hearing, it will be decided whether you should be granted possession of the property or the IPO set aside.

Order of Possession

If an Order of Possession is granted, you have a court order that enables you to use certificated bailiffs in order to remove illegally residing occupants.

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