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Able Investigations has a dedicated team of investigators with unrivalled experience in tracing debtors in the UK and throughout the world, along with an industry-leading repossession service. 

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Recovering business or personal debts can be difficult without an enforcement agency, and the process can become even more complex when the debtor is missing. Professional debtor tracing services offer a quick way of locating a debtor to recover monies owed. By choosing Able Investigations for your debtor tracing requirements, you will speed up the process of collecting the debt owed to you.

Using Able Enforcements to repossess goods to recover debts means that you will quickly and legally seize goods to cover the costs of debts owed.

Our extensive knowledge of relevant legislation can help you mitigate losses from bad debts quickly and efficiently. We even offer a same day emergency service for when tomorrow just isn’t quick enough. We successfully close 98% of the cases we are passed and we always operate within the laws that govern our industry.

From our centre of operations in Bristol, we’ve helped clients in Gloucester, Cheltenham, and beyond.

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Expert Debtor Tracing Service in Gloucestershire

With today’s technology, most people can be found – even those who are trying to disappear without a trace. They might not appear on the electoral roll, aren’t registered as tenants nor homeowners. However, Able Investigation’s vast experience and compliance with Data Protection mean that we can trace them. 

As a certified enforcement agency, we have access to a number of databases (not available to the general public) used to track missing persons, often along with their address and contact number. We have compliance with Data Protection, enabling us to utilise a vast amount of resources to locate missing persons.

We can:

    • Trace debtors within 7 days
    • Find 99% of people
    • Perform our duties fully licensed – CCL and DPL
    • Act across England and worldwide
    • Act with a thorough understanding of the laws
    • Produce reporting to use as evidence in Court
    • Recover vehicles, assets, and property
    • Enact individual and commercial repossessions

Looking for a debtor yourself can result in an unlimited amount of time that is essentially wasted as you will not have access to the data that an enforcement agency will have. Able Investigations has a team of professional investigators that can trace debtors within 7 days of hiring our services.

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Quick and legal Debt Collection from Trained Repossession experts

Each of our Enforcement Officers are certificated and hold up-to-date legal expertise surrounding repossessions and Enforcement Law.

Our services include vehicle repossession, asset recovery and repossession which means we can help a wide range of businesses recover debts. If you have a current requirement in need of our services, or if you feel let down by your current Repossession agent, we can help you.

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Typical Asset recovery process

If reasonable steps have already been made to recover monies owed with no success, you are likely to need to make a court claim for the money.

If a county court judgement is unsuccessful, you can apply for a Warrant of Control. This allows our Certificated Enforcement Officers to attend the business or residential property, to remove goods or vehicles.

Debts in excess of £5,000 will need to be transferred to the high court for a Writ of Control. In this case, our High Court Enforcement Officers can visit the premises to retrieve goods or cars, to offset the debt, often entering into a controlled goods agreement with the debtor.

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